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    1. Wonder why they are selling them.

      I looked them up ……………..When every second counts, feel confidently prepared for any battle in our BDU pants………..

        1. |Propper®| is the brand for every Minuteman, Survivalist, Bad Vietnam Wannabe (?) ever.

          Many moons ago, when I wanted my "tactical functionality with a value-conscious design", I would usually head to a thrift store, or an army/navy surplus joint. (Shit, do they even have those anymore?)

          Also, my old stomping grounds– I was a teenager and was irritated when one of the 'punk' idiots of our group tried to piss on the |eternal flame|. (I'm not sure why– I hated everything at the time. But I knew that was wrong. Also, I knew his idiocy did no damage…)

          Happy 4th!!

          1. They're still here, and Sierra Vista. Last time I was in one was back when working for the big rich naturedotorg, when the prescribed fire program began and we were told we needed to get some
            [ well, most ] of our own gear. Web belt , canteens, and a small pack that also hooked onto the belt, I got from Millers.

          1. Last time I shot a pistol, I was 9. (The sound didn't bother me, I just couldn't hit the target.) It didn't excite me. I wanted to appease my father. Honestly, I just wanted to go home and do something else, not look through a tiny notch with my grossly nearsighted eyes . It was a weird 'exercise' for me. Never again.

    2. With nine pockets, an action-stretch waistband, extra-large belt loops, you can carry your gear in comfort. The seat and knees are reinforced for extra durability, while still allowing the addition of knee pads. Belt is not included.

      Belt is not included?! There's nine fucking pockets, and an armageddon here!

        1. Just the other day I discovered the difference between denim and canvas pants. Denim stretches enough to button over my gut, canvas in the same waist size does not.

          1. Back in the day, (1994), I bought a pair of button-fly jeans from a thrift store in Hamilton, Ohio. (I was just transplanted there from Philly- it was culture shock.) I can't tell you how many guys asked me if I chewed because of the noticeable Skoal ring on the back pocket. (I was poor, and the jeans fit well. Why are you looking at my ass, anyway? Asshole.) I didn't even know there was a name for that back then.. Really–I'd beat some guys at pool and they'd go, "I can see you chew. You're a lezbeen." (and mock blow kisses at me.) "I like blondes, your friend is a redhead, but what would I call you? You're a blackhead!. Haaa!."
            I'm amazed I made it out of that town alive.

            (Actually, there was one guy–"Big O" that seemed to soften the atmosphere every time his big fat happy ass walked in the bar I used to frequent. He was the Norm of the joint. I found out later in court* that his name was Oliver. I'm grateful for him, as he seemed to hold leverage over most of the many misogynist pieces of shit in the room– really, O would say my shot was a "damn good shot", and the mustachioed freaks he [presumably] grew up with wouldn't say a word.) It was really weird. (All while Confederate Railroad "Trashy Women" was blaring on the jukebox.)

            I went back to the thrift store I once worked at to get jeans that wouldn't set off a strange, gross hillbilly sensation. (Which, inadvertently should be Trump's platform and motto.)

            *I tried to steal Big Band cassettes from Rite Aid.
            *O was in for public drunkenness. (Please.)

    1. MAD Magazine will be missed, I guess, but I myself am as guilty as anyone, having not purchased a copy in decades.

        1. Yeah, 6.4, epicenter under Searles Lake/Trona. It's considered an improvement, believe me. The nearby city of Ridgecrest got some damage, though. I felt it 140 miles northwest.

  1. It rained it's balls off here for 20 minutes or so earlier, now the sun's out, the temp's gone down to 82 degrees with 97 % RH and we're under a | Severe Thunderstorm Warning, | with nasty, highly charged cells popping off all around the area.

    D.C.'s under a | Flash Flood Watch | till 8 PM, with the distinct possibility of torrential downpours.
    Here's what the | NWS area map | looks like:

    <img src="https://forecast.weather.gov/wwamap/png/lwx.png"&gt;

    No way I'd fly in this shit, orders or no. Word is the Blue Angels bagged it due to low ceiling conditions, but can't confim.

    Enjoy your sad militaristic ego stroke, you fat bastard. I hate having to cheer for awful weather in our nations capital on the 4th, but this is the way we live now.

    1. Radar looks wild.

      Me? I'm a shallow, petty asshole, so will happily root for rain while playing "Fortunate Son " repeatedly.

    1. This thread is turning into a classic

      Momma D
      Replying to @PatCunnane

      And now your tweeting? What a sweet wife you have. I would have had every piece of your clothing on the front lawn, and poured pancake syrup over the top.
      Behavior modification works.
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      ‏ @SaraV20166
      it's you're as in you are
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      Momma D
      14m14 minutes ago

      It's fuc-u as in fuck you…

    1. Daniel Dale
      ‏Verified account @ddale8

      "Hello America. Hello," Trump begins. He pronounces this 4th of July "truly historic," mentions Melania, Pence, the Cabinet and leaders of existing military entities. He adds, "…and very soon: the Space Force."

  2. Trumpet player looking for somewhere to play

    [ yes, the only reason I look at c-list these days is for lulz ]

    1. (Fa-fa-fa-fa-fa-fa-fa-fa

      I am a dull and simple lad
      Cannot tell water from champagne
      And I have never met the Queen
      And I wish I could have all that he has got (Hey!)
      And I wish I could be like David Frum


      And when I lie on my pillow at night
      I dream I could write like David Frum
      Lead the Bush team to victory
      And speak on TV to defend that lot

      1. And all the centrists on teevee
        Try to spout off David Frum
        They try their best but can't succeed
        For he is of pure and noble breed

        1. He is the head wonk on the tube
          He's the Canadian of the team
          He is so righteous and doubt- free
          And I wish all his money belonged to me (Hey!)
          And I wish I could be like David Frum

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