61 thoughts on “Instant Classic GIF. Set Down Any Drinks.

        1. Way back when I still had a jerb, our office computer got impounded because my boss was being doxxed by some people he was trolling on his own time at home. I got dinged because they found a video in one of my folders of a woman shooting a roman candle out of her hooha. If I had been the subject of the investigation, I could have lost my jerb over it. Less than a year later, they found another reason to accomplish that anyway.

          1. I was already in their crosshairs, I made it work out.
            The story was legendary in the District, at least!

          2. Good.

            There was a survey tech at the Agency years ago who was cruising for porn on the job, went to print a particularly tasty bit and forgot that his computer's default was set to the 46" plotter-printer. Shitcanned forthwith.

            It was way before my time but still legendary here.

        2. Me too. I was a combination of cautious/lucky and the worst I ever had go up in my hand were standard firecrackers. Stung a bit, but that was about it. All the really nasty stuff I used a foot of primer cord. One time picking up fireworks in NYC, I got a roman candle that shot M80s. The guy said "you can hold it and point it!" I was like no fucking way dude…

    1. The Mail nailed it. Some are thinking that a rabid Brexiter leaked the messages to get the current British ambassador tossed and replaced with a Boris bot.

      1. Please excuse Jeff and all his friends in the administration from going to jail for the rest of their lives, and
        possibly being beaten to death while they are there.

    1. I don't see comments by the author (can you summarize?) Or do you mean in the article?

      Also, there seems to be some controversy in the thread regarding deleted comments

      1. It's from a couple weeks ago. Maybe displaying weirdly. These are the first I see.

        Kelsey McKinney:

        Man, these guys really won’t defend anything.

        Kelsey McKinney:

        How very soccer to have the result of the request for comment be nil-nil-nil-nil-nil-nil-nil-nil-nil-nil-nil-nil-nil-nil-nil-nil-nil-nil-nil-nil-nil.

      1. Heh, was wondering that. Go straight to a bar, or go home to find your partner boffing someone else?

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