47 thoughts on “Runnin’ Jack Flash, It’s a Gas

  1. That's how…….. nah, the current state of the world is such that I don't even feel like
    making a tasteless [ to say the least ] joke .

  2. Ya know, I'm getting a bit miffed, irked even, and can see
    peeved and vexed on the horizon.
    I just sent another sternly worded note to my rep., re: Impeaching the monster, and didn't not use
    the word 'FUCK' in any of it's forms, but can't guarantee that won't happen in the near future.

    This one was less of the form 'it's the right thing to do, our country is at stake', and more ' lotta people are gonna stay home in 2020, because the House is not doing what they were elected to do'.

    I think the next one will have something like: 'you see how you brush- off my letters? That's all that the administration is gonna do for the next year too.'

      1. Ohhhhhhhhh, gonna use that.
        She 's a middler, which I bet is not gonna inspire, depending on what kinda lunatic the lunatics run.
        I remember telling a canvasser before McSally eked out a win over Giffords Legacy Barber, that people
        were pissed about his votes to repeal ACA, and other stuff……I forget………anyway, she said, " Have you met him? He's a really nice person". My jaw dropped. Did not say 'are you fucking kidding me?!!' Just told her that my sense was that he was in trouble, tyvm.

        I would think that Kirkpatrick knows that, maybe not. We're getting a real sense of how dense[ or ? ] some of our critters are.
        eta: at least she a 'yea' on all D. legislation fwiw, so not as crazy as Barber.

    1. At least there's a chance someone might read your rants. My critter is [Paul Cook.] He'd be right there with the likes of Louie Gohmert if he ever opened his mouth to say anything other than "yay" or "nay".

    1. " tortious"…………….
      searches………hmmm……..well tune my strings and call me counselor, there is such a legal word.

      1. In a semi-local Next Door group, someone posted about a missing "desert tortious". Apparently it slipped past their spellcheck, but mine doesn't like it.

    1. When you have eliminated the impossible, whatever remains, however improbable, must be the truth.

      –Book of Doyle 5:14

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