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  1. Mieke Eerkens@MiekeEerkens
    Jul 22
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    My parents were poor woodcutters and dropped my brother and me in the woods. A blind cannibal witch took us prisoner in her gingerbread house and fed us candy to fatten us up. We outwitted her and pushed her into a fire though. This is a pretty typical Dutch childhood story.

    The comments by actual Dutch folk in this thread are the most wonderful thing ever.

    Richard de Nooy@RicharddeNooy
    ·Jul 22
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    This is actually how the Dutch "discovered" other continents. Children were taken out to sea at night, blindfolded, and pushed out in rowing boats, alone. They were expected to find their own way home. Those that returned with spices and treasure were given bigger sailing ships.
    Richard de Nooy@RicharddeNooy
    Jul 22
    In 1631, a lad called Jantje Riebeeck disappeared for two weeks after being taken out to sea. His parents had already given him up for dead, but he returned to port, naked, with a prize of two British islanders, one of whom had been used as a mast and sail, the other half eaten.

    This is why Comments were invented.

  2. To be fair, the FNYT article is almost as funny.

    Another report surfaced in 2017, when scout leaders in Belgium dropped 25 children in the woods, then drank a number of beers and fell asleep, leaving the children wandering in the forest after their appointed pickup time. The campers finally rang someone’s doorbell and got a ride.

    Ummm, 'doorbell'?

    1. I could do this job!

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      I work for a Dutch dropping company and that's a pretty shitty job. Working at night, blindfolding anxious children and always looking for new creative places to drop them. Sometimes the smart ones, we've dropped a week earlier or so, are trying to climb back on board of our van.

    1. Sadly.

      Nationaal Gyurka Jansen@ThE_ED
      Jul 21
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      I grew up in the western part of the country, where there are hardly any forests. In those areas, your parents take you out at sea and drop you there. You have to swim several miles back to the shore. Those without any sense of direction wind up in England.

  3. NBC

    Ivanka Trump's tweet misspells United Kingdom in congratulations for Boris Johnson

    “Congratulations @BorisJohnson on becoming the next Prime Minister of the United Kingston,” tweeted Ivanka Trump.

    1. Waiting for today's storms to fizzle.
      That drizzle here yesterday produced over 1/10th of an inch of rain. woohoo. About a square-mile midtown area is like
      a pocket of dry. Outside of it half an inch or more…………

      1. Apparently it is supposed to be four "T's" but apparently the Trumps never played that game of looking at an image that could be a lamp or could be a face.

    1. Favreau should change the image he's got at the top of his Twitter feed. He of all people should know that it is not a good look for a male to show a picture of himself as a guy on a stage with his mouth open, clearly talking to an audience and gesturing, it is a cliche mansplaining image.

      1. We'll see

        Lisa Desjardins
        ‏Verified account @LisaDNews

        LOTS HAPPENING: House Dems holding impromptu caucus meeting now.

        So Pelosi, Nadler, Schiff newser on Mueller will be delayed to more like 5:15 (or beyond).
        1:48 PM – 24 Jul 2019

        1. We expect Pelosi at 5:30p and GOP leader McCarthy immediately after.

          [gets pillow to put on desk just in case…….]

    1. My jaw dropped when I heard Buck ask the question at 10:38AM EDT July 24 2019 because I knew there was only one way Mueller could answer, unless he deflected.

        1. ♪ ♫ ♪ ♪ ♫ ♪
          It was a last-minute A/V mistake
          and I can’t figure out where the breakdown was
          but it was a last minute throw-up,
          and that’s all it was,”

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