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  1. Oh boy.

    |Elaina Plott@elainaplott

    Currently at a bar next to the Trump rally where people are ripping double shots of Maker’s before heading in.
    3:18 PM · Aug 1, 2019

    |Josh Marshall@joshtpm
    Replying to @elainaplott

    Get loaded and go see Trump. What could go wrong.
    3:26 PM · Aug 1, 2019

    Booze, middle age white racism and a crank addicted demagogue ranting for 3 hours straight about liberals and browns and those dirty shiftless Negros stealing all your money. Surefire recipe for an amateur assassination attempt. Good job, you rich asshole.

          1. We know it's not Fat Bastard's re-election fund. He's spending that on lawyers and propping up his businesses.
            As one does when one is a wholly corrupt sociopath irresponsibly installed into the most powerful position on Earth.

      1. The top pic is a still from one of the traffic cams, taken in the tail end of one of the thunderstorm cells that hit the bridge area on their way east. Gusts of 60 + mph. These fast movers are one of the main worries for regular travelers. Another one is bad drivers.

        1. I have nightmares about that shit when I'm driving one of our trucks

          (prolly shouldn't be sleeping at the wheel)

  2. | Ben Carson Booted From Baltimore Church Property |

    But when he was holding a press conference Wednesday morning, a church kicked him off of their property.
    “When we’re talking about helping people,” he said. “This is the level we have sunken to in society.”

    Listen, you don't just show up on private property and set up a self-aggrandizing political commercial without actually, you know, getting permission first. That's what your Advance Team is for, if they haven't all quit or been arrested yet.

    It's not brain surgery, FFS.

    1. Victorian pud is a delight
      For all the family because
      It's greasy and hot
      When you've had lots
      Then you'll want more

      There's old H.G. Wells
      Lying in bed
      With his new housekeeper with
      Hot pud by their side
      Glowing with pride
      Flushed with exhaustion

      Victorian lungs
      Victorian skin
      Victorian tongues
      Victorian sin
      Victorian parks
      Victorian moans
      Victorians darkness

      Victorian pud down on the beach
      Is an embarrassment to
      Respectable girls
      Walking with pearls
      And their fiancés

      "Oh, Edward my love
      Is that a pud?"
      "Yes, I fear so, my pet
      But, pray, leave it alone
      Let us go home
      And take some cocoa."

      Victorian arms
      Victorian legs
      Victorian charms
      Victorian eggs
      Victorian boys
      Victorian girls
      Victorian darkness

      Every night our
      Voices meet in
      Clicking feet on
      Hollow streets the
      Fanlight falls a-
      Cross the city
      Onto me and
      Mistress Kitty
      Pray that someone
      Breaches her be-
      Tween the walnut
      And the fur to
      Where she keeps her
      Real secret
      She's got a Victorian pud

  3. Field report:

    My big orange tabby went to the vet today to have an abscess lanced – it was a knob on his cheek the size of a ping-pong ball. Poor guy.

    Well he had his surgery and I picked him up and brought him home. He is wearing a cone and is drugged up on pain meds.

    He is very sweet but my other animals are always very mean to him. He's bigger than the rest of them but he just sits and takes it when they're mean to him. He really is a very sweet cat.

    But for the first time in forever, they are all giving him his space. It is adorable. They all seem to recognize that he is under the weather and they are letting him sleep it off on the couch. The chihuahua is not snarling and chasing him, the other male cat is not stalking him. Amazing. I guess deep down they care.

    1. Mine had an abscess in the same place a month ago. I took him in expecting the vet to lance it, but she didn't. Just sent us home with antibiotics and instructions to start putting it on his food after it opened and drained by itself. I wish I could keep him inside, but he lives out there.

      1. My other male cat had one of these a few years ago, right on top of his head. I kept debating whether to take him in or just wait, when one day it just burst and the top of his head was covered in abscess goo. After that disgusting experience I figure I would rather deal with it proactively. Although it was pricey.

        I've only had him since December and he used to live nextdoor, outside. It's rather ironic that here he is now an indoor cat and he gets a wound like this indoors – from the other cat being a dick.

        When I was a kid I got abscesses all the time from various scrapes on my legs – the normal kid stuff. But these abscesses were big, gross ones. Rarely would they have a visible puncture, they usually had already healed over, then a few weeks later a bump would start to grow. I remember my folks taking me to the doctor only once. Mostly my father would lance them and then put a heated bottle over them to suck out the abscess goo, me screaming the entire time. Once there was an abscess on my knee, it had healed over, i.e., no visible puncture, just this gigantic lump growing and growing. When my dad went through the horrible process of cleaning it out, the hot bottle, then cleaning, hot bottle, then cleaning, finally a tiny piece of glass popped out. I cannot convey strongly enough how revolting this was. You're welcome.

        Looking back: how on EARTH did my folks not just take me to the doctor for these? It wasn't like we were poor, or that they grew up poor, they were just middle class people. WHY? It is just bizarre to me, looking back.

        1. Whoa, some parents are worse parents than others! That's borderline abuse, even by old standards!

          I got a few of them as a kid, aside from the occasional tooth thing. Instead of a heated bottle, my mother would use the membrane from the big end of a hard boiled egg. Had to be fast, get it out of the shell and on the wound while it was still hot.

          I'm glad I never had kids.

          1. Ew! That's worse!

            I remember that from my dad's perspective, this was just how abscesses were handled. Later on when I thought back about that, I realized that must mean that that is also how his parents handled abscesses. So is just so weird because I then was visualizing my granddad doing the bottle thing on my dad's leg, it is just a hard thing to visualize. My granddad was a tiny, avuncular lawyer, it is just hard to visualize.

          2. It wasn't that bad, because we got to eat the egg afterward. Bottom line, the old methods did work. Not tidy, not sterile, but most of us survived. To those that didn't, better luck next time.

          3. With four sons, we'd just tie them to the roof of the car, take it through drive-through car wash, and the beater brushes would clean everything just fine.

    1. That professor Goddard, with his 'chair' in Clark College and the countenancing of the Smithsonian Institution [from which Goddard held a grant to research rocket flight], does not know the relation of action to reaction, and of the need to have something better than a vacuum against which to react — to say that would be absurd. Of course he only seems to lack the knowledge ladled out daily in high schools."

      Ha, next someone's going to claim that they can | forecast the weather! |

          1. JONATHON: Sorry not, doll. I want you soaping daily. That is a skincare poutine.
            GRILLY: Lather my exterior? A viable idea.

            This is good botspeak.

          2. Oh, this is Way Cool.

            The Babylonian classics also suffered a fate that remains familiar even today: they were often parodied. "These parodies tell us a lot about the relationship between the people of Mesopotamia and their own traditions. For example, one line in the "Sufferings of the Just Man" was modified slightly so as to turn it into a joke."

            I bet there are rude and satirical carved pictograms somewhere too, an early analog version of Photoshop.

          3. MY DOG!! It's the missing piece needed for my radical interpretation of Moby Dick. As well as the biblical story of Jonah and the Whale which partially inspired Melville.

          4. Hmmm.

            Well, I thought it was " Yggdrasil mythical tree that plays a central role in Norse cosmology, where it connects the Nine Worlds."

          5. Truth. I had been mulling over a Platonic dialogue featuring Stankrocles. May have already been done.

          6. If someone crafted a huge idol of Stankrocles, god of mathematics and ancestral guilt, standing with a meat sandwich after turning everyone into barley I'd demand that it be placed on the courthouse roof.

        1. Got me thinking about the legality of bullet-proof vests. Here in CA it is illegal for an ex-felon to possess or wear body armor. Good thing for most dogs and children they don't have a record yet, so you can dress them in bullet-proof backpacks and stuff.

          1. Yes, plus bathing suits and Halloween costumes.

            "What are you going to be this year?"

            "Iron Man, same as every year"

          2. Princess Leia had a bullet-proof bikini. I'm not sure how that is relevant but I wanted to mention it.

  4. [ no link because ……….well, you know why…………]

    Reuters Top News
    ‏Verified account @Reuters

    Trump flaunted tariffs imposed on China and said America will continue to tax China until a deal is made. More from Trump's rally in Ohio

    1. I seriously hate that woman. Whenever one of my lefty friends starts bellyaching about Sinema not being progressive enough, I immediately remind them that the alternative was McSally in office for six years instead of a temp appointment and that Ducey would have nominated someone like Chemtrail Kelli.

    1. We often make historical parallels here. History doesn’t repeat itself but it does rhyme, as clever people say. And sometimes it hiccups. Here is a hiccup.

      "Hiccups: the Shameful Price of the 3-Martini Lunch."

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