33 thoughts on “Hooray It’s #NationalOysterDay!

          1. Oh Mock, Paper Scissors.
            Oh. yeah, tagged zippy at LGM there on the FNYT

            eta: Any other disqus place I say anything is alicublog, but since Village Voice went down, Edroso opted for a newsletter and Alicu-posts there are few and far between.So now there's a lot of jazz-I-don't -really-care-for comments and personal drama. Lotta the regulars from there went to LGM.

    1. @AOC

      Let this front page serve as a reminder of how white supremacy is aided by – and often relies upon – the cowardice of mainstream institutions.

      1. f'ing ID, f'ing up again. Shall we try once more?

        The cops saw me milling about on my driveway and cited me for loitering

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