Wing Bowl Pavement Pizza

Persistent “Parking Lot Puker” Periodically Projects Pavement Pizzas

29 thoughts on “Persistent “Parking Lot Puker” Periodically Projects Pavement Pizzas

  1. I know a bulimic runner who runs miles every day. At a predetermined point on her route, she would stick a finger down her throat and hurl, barely breaking stride. She usually pissed herself, too. I am quite surprised she's even still alive, let alone still running.

  2. This is just the best app:

    Here is where the day stands so far:

    A video has emerged from the rich asshole’s visit with hospital staff in El Paso yesterday, in which he brags about the crowd size of his February rally in the city and mocks “crazy” Beto O’Rourke.
    The National Rifle Association wrote an 18-part Twitter thread signaling their opposition to expanding background checks or red-flag laws. The gun lobbying group has also reportedly warned the rich asshole against backing such proposals.
    the rich asshole is considering commuting the prison sentence of former Illinois governor Rod Blagojevich. The former Democratic governor was found guilty of federal corruption after being caught on tape trying to sell Barack Obama’s Senate seat.
    Another House Democrat, Gerry Connolly, announced his support for launching an impeachment inquiry into the rich asshole.

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