110 thoughts on “CPAC in Australia. Pirro Unhinged

  1. "I’ve been to the border,” she said, going on to say that American citizens living there had told of “rape trees” upon which the clothes of rape victims are hung, and of children having their hearts cut out with machetes."

    I sure hope the Aussies don't take the bait.

          1. "Goin' up, up to spew it in the sky
            (spew it in the sky)
            That's where I'm gonna goo when I die
            (when I die)
            When I die and they lay me to rest
            Gonna goo in the place that's the best"

          1. I usually shop at Smart&Final, but they've been without romaine for the last couple of months. They say they're not getting what they order and it sells out in minutes. I have my doubts. Trust no one.

          2. i shop at SMART AND FINAL
            i like to EAT ROMAINE LETTUCE
            but i can't because IT'S POISON
            if you don't like it TAKE ANTIBIOTICS

          3. I had to go to Vons yesterday because they had a smoking deal on Peet's coffee. While there, I just did all my shopping because I hate bouncing from store to store. It was the most expensive two bags of groceries evar. But I got my coffee, and a pound of Tillamook extra sharp aged white cheddar, also not available at S&F.

    1. I read 'Sully' and was expecting the pilot. Very confused at first, [ didn't recognize GA first pic ] but hey, I don't judge.

    1. Pearl Jam?

      [ he's right you know…..still funny though ]
      There were [are? ] some along the San Pedro River . Big Nature had some property there. A neighbor actually owned them. Got tired of them. Let them loose. Everyone knew whose they originally were. My pal Kim @ tnc got to shoot a few.

          1. Well, there's still the question of his unsolicited defense of AR15s in the wake of violence…

            "constant mass shootings are a small price to pay so that FHM can feel prepared for this one oddly specific and remote hypothetical situation "

          1. Jim Cantore reports: Bricks are wet. Repeat: Bricks are wet.

            [ That's what the yellow box on radar means I guess ]

          2. Jim Cantore reports: There are teens playing on the wet bricks. Most everyone else has moved inland.

          3. Whew. Letting up a little. Just in time.

            [ actually other parts of town are getting pounded, surely someone will get trapped in a
            flash-flooded wash ]

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