87 thoughts on “The Crabs of August

  1. History will show that Twitter began its long climb to redemption out of the evil Troll-stalked septic pit it had become with the Great Callinectes Conflict of 2019, wherein two august wordsmiths engaged in public literary battle over maritime gustatory traditions. And we are all better now for it.

    I grew up happy with Jersey Style boiled and now gladly eat Maryland Style Steamed, so I am reserving judgement. However, sauteed is the only proper method of preparing soft shell crabs and bread crumbs in crab cakes is an abomination specifically reserved for tourists. This is where I make my stand.

    1. This would have been bad news for John McCain.

      Seriously, fuck these people. I'd trade the whole lot of them for a truckload of Central American refugees and their families. At least they're honest, have principles, a strong work ethic and don't dream at night of a world filled with brownshirts and concentration camps.

      1. I never questioned McCain's citizenship, but I've never recognized Cruz because there is still some question as to whether his mother was even a USAmerica citizen at the time of his birth. We didn't allow dual citizenship then, and she was reported to have voted in Canadian elections. As for his father, he was a straight up Cuban refugee.

      1. Hey, pals are going to Santa Fe .uh.Sept 8 to 12, or so, meet up with others coming from the far east [ Michigan ].
        Any rec's besides Meow Wolf?

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