96 thoughts on “How’s tomorrow? Does tomorrow work for you?

  1. So, it's been, like, 95 at 5:40 a.m. every damn day for the past few weeks and I've been focused on Your Minnesota Twins trying their best to lose the division and the Diamondbacks doing their very best to blow any chance at a wildcard spot and did I mention it's 110 degrees here every fucking day? So, foo-baw season snuck up on me. The regular season starts Thursday, ffs! So! The draft is scheduled for tomorrow, Sept 1, at 9 pm eastern. So, be there. Or, not.

          1. Was not expecting .
            Also, I thought, "sure, Johnny Ray, don't remember that one but what about…"?
            And went through the list and could not remember one song that he did.

        1. Fuck him.


          I allow myself at this point, following Shandean precedent, to interpose a digression on buccaneering. Under this polite West Indian synonym for piracy, the profession was at the zenith of its prosperity when Dampier joined in: it had acquired indeed some measure of respectability. Some knowledge of its history in the West Indies, and of the current state of public opinion in regard to it, is needed for understanding how a man of Dampier's character, and many like him, came to be associated with it, untroubled by more than occasional twinges of conscience.


          1. It's yours. Those old maps are fascinating. I have read some of those naturalist/explorer originals.
            Better now with the cynicism of knowing what often happened to the places and people
            they encountered. But the maps were works of art.

          2. Weird, the Antarctic coastline was known since ~1420s, Mercator had it in 1520s, but it doesn't appear on this 1691 map

          3. I've seen that phenomenon on maps of interior Africa, where a later map has much more blank space than earlier maps. Like the search for the legendary Timbuktu and the origins of the Niger River. People sent to find both got into all kinds of trouble because they were sent with
            crappy maps.
            Anyway this guy says:
            Among their long tradition of impeccably drawn maps was a rendering of the Southern Hemisphere that does not depict Terra Australis at all. This was a common result of further exploration into the southern seas: As navigators began to learn how far the seas extended to the south, the available room for the once-colossal Terra Australis naturally diminished.

            Or maybe they just said 'fuck it until we know more'

          4. Also, yeah, he didn't seem to mind illiteracy enough to do anything about it, not when it served his interests

          1. Whenever I think of actually getting an account I just pause and go do something else
            until the feeling passes.

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