74 thoughts on “Acoustic Kitty and the Ravenspooks,

      1. About 23 years ago my bride and I and the twins, 12 at the time, were on the train from Baltimore to DC and who should be sitting in the midst of our family unit but Cokie Roberts. We had a very nice chat about Bubba and Bob Dole, and bazeball (because the kiddos).

    1. If we're all mistakenly arming the Saudis, why are we also on the brink of fighting a war for them? Or is it for Israel? Maybe both, but my question remains unanswered.

          1. Coupla years ago I heard that a whole shipment of missiles was returned. Wondered if it was for The House of…….
            I think they said a supplier changed the spec on something and not all relevant people
            were told.

  1. 201 – Animals and the Blues

    Examines the relationship various animals have with the Blues. Which are causal and which are merely indicators.
    Including, but not limited to : Black snakes, mules, catfish, bluebirds, hounds [ including hellhounds ] red rooster.

          1. I have never been one to follow celebs, but even that bullshit was preferable to paying attention to bush and cheney. Times were so much more innocent back then.

  2. Blues 201 – Fitness Trail [ requires approval by physician ]

    Graduated activities ranging from very mild to heavy exertion. Thinking, wondering, weeping, moaning
    creeping, looking around for shoes, mean walking, rambling, shaking moneymaker.

          1. …but actually you're just gonna be a golf bag

            Get one for tRump – stat. He'll need this as the whistleblowing starts to reach hurricane levels.

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