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  1. Taking a break to prepare for pub-crawl later.

    One of my YT subs mentioned this, I couldn't place it and wondered ……..Apparently written by Mercer E, Duke's son. while Duke was not being published due to rights battle. It's about as easy as it gets, [ even I can do this ] but became an Ellington standard jam. Opening couple of measures and you go ," Oh hell, that one!" You've probably heard it a couple thousand times, even if only snippets as background music maybe in a movie or promo spot.


  2. Field report: My new sewing machine, gifted to me by a friend, fucking broke. The clutch for the bobbin winder seems to have broken off inside its housing and I'm going to have to take in to a repair shop, goddammit. Very fucking frustrated this evening. Thanks, Obama.

    Ed note: Machine is 20 years old but new to me, and state of the art for its time.

      1. Nope it requires opening up the machine and I do not want to mess with that. Sewing machines are fussy and can get full of lint and have lots of tiny parts and it isn't good to go into the machinery if you're not trained on them. It will only cost me about $!50 to get it fixed and tuned up, but it is just frustrating. Also I was trying to get a project done for my friend's granddaughter to have for Halloween. My life is an endless series of as soon as I pay for getting one thing fixed something else breaks or one of the cats gets sick or I need new tires, etc. Sigh.

          1. 1959 Slant-O-Matic, nicknamed the "Rocketeer". This was Singer's first all-metal gear driven machine, rather than a belt.

          2. It is very cool looking. Does it run rough? I can't imagine a machine in that era without a belt.

          3. I think it's pretty smooth, but I don't have a belt-drive machine to compare it to. I grew up with an old treadle machine that was converted to electricity. It was so simple, easy to control with the knee lever instead of a pedal. This one has the pedal, too. I wish I could say I use it, but I don't anymore.

          4. Snatch it up! Old Singers are excellent. Highly prized. They run and run and run. I have a 1939 Featherweight that was my grandmother's, it is still in perfect condition. I take it in to the shop every few years and have it serviced just to keep it in good shape, but old Singers are great machines. They have a smooth action, easy to control, and no matter how old they are it is still possible to get parts. And of course they are made entirely of metal.

          5. Thought that I'd play with it. Use a springloaded clothespin and some velcro to provide consistent tension on the thin wire. Only the latest technology – obvs.

      2. FYI I called the shop today and they can fix it for about $120. That includes a tune-up which it badly needs. The part itself is only about $20 including repair and the tune-up is $100.

    1. Nevada lawmakers this year banned bringing certain animal body parts into the state, including the brain and the spinal cord

      Is this big business in Nevada?

  3. Well, it looks like the media is highlighting GOP Senators and , uhhhhh……Brain Kilmead's objections to abandoning the Kurds again.
    Either Dems have not said anything or are being ignored so far, because , really, who cares.

    1. Adam L Silverman says:
      October 7, 2019 at 12:16 pm

      The Turks aren’t holding any significant number of ISIS fighters and neither are US Forces. Our Syrian Defense Forces (SDF) partners, who are Syrian Kurds and Syrian Christian Arabs (Syriacs) are holding almost all of the ISIS detainees in the area that Turkey is set to invade. The Turks have no ability or capability built to hold them. And I would expect that if the SDF has to go to ground, then they’d just release all the ISIS fighters and other ISIS folks they’re holding for us. The one Turkish detainment camp for ISIS fighters is considered to be a reradicalization site, which is actually making the ISIS problem worse

    2. But the Kurds are not entirely defenseless. Military leaders of the dominant group, known as the YPG or People’s Protection Units (and their female YPJ partners), already were in overdrive in September, preparing for what they had long anticipated—a possible betrayal by their closest ally, the United States.


    1. "Møøse are a protected species. It is illegal to hunt them."

      No way! I've eaten møøse in British Columbia, reindeer too!

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