4 thoughts on “Whites.

    1. Here's a graf from the original HOA of this neighborhood I now live in. Circa 1941.

      No part of said property shall be used or occupied in whole or in part by any person of African or Asiatic descent, or by any person not of the White or Caucasian race, except such persons as may be employed thereon as domestic servants by the owners or tenants of any lot in said property.

      1. They seem nice.

        When I was a newborn, my family lived at the Hunters Point projects in San Francisco. Shortly after, we moved to the brand new North Beach projects, which had similar restrictions even though they were city-owned.

      2. Same in my neighborhood from 1952. It's no longer in effect, but I was quite surprised when I was reading the closing documents.

        And we were a Union territory!

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