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          I’m a member of the Armed Services Committee. I know SCIF protocols and I observe them.21

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          You were a licensed driver too…

      1. There is no fire. The power company, So Cal Edison, is just doing this as a safety measure because the terrible fires of recent years are due to their transformers sploding during Santa Ana wind events. They don't really care about us, they just care about the claims that are bankrupting them. What they should do is underground all of their lines but that would mean their shareholders would not get monies. So instead of keeping people safe they shut off our power, power which we still get charged for.

        So that's all that's going on.

        The ironic thing is: What the hell is there left to burn?

        1. This is the one time I'm glad to have LADWP instead of SCE. DWP doesn't play the shutoff game, no shareholders to pay off.

          I had a solar survey performed yesterday. At my age and usage, it would never pay for itself and I don't care if it raises my home value. I intend to live here until I have to move into assisted living or under the dirt.

          1. Ours is city-owned, but they're not the good guys. More fascist than socialist. Thing is, they stole the water from up here, make hydro-electric with it, and sell both back to us.

    1. I am aware of a very high ranking officer in Vietnam who was given a one time option to immediately retire for circling numbers of on 1-365 DEROS calendar, that allowed an unannounced inspector to open his safe that included top sekret docs. He took the one time option and was on the next plane to the States. These clowns should get serious time in classified time-out.

  1. Beto ————

    This is a make or break moment for the United States of America. And yet, this president, with that shit-eating smirk on his face, smiles and laughs as he threatens everything we care about—including the idea that no one is above the law.

    1. Opinions vary as to the efficaciousness of homeopathy.

      Homeopathy is a pseudoscience – a belief that is incorrectly presented as scientific. Homeopathic preparations are not effective for treating any condition; large-scale studies have found homeopathy to be no more effective than a placebo, indicating that any positive effects that follow treatment are not due to the treatment itself but instead to factors such as normal recovery from illness, or regression toward the mean.

    1. Neither just general ignoracity, nor specific ignorance of a law, will get far with most judges. Now these wingnutz tRump has appointed, and the Bar Association has said are not qualified to run a lemonade stand, are another matter.

      1. Someone should take the the results and run it through one of those programs that learns from what it's fed and comes up with new verses.

  2. So I usually go check on Drew Magary . I think he's hilarious. My favorite of the Jamboroo is the brief " Jim Tomsula’s Lifehack Of The Week!" And every goddam week, I say,"Who the fuck is Jim Tomsula?" Oddly , this has no effect on
    how hilarious I find the little tip.

    Today : “Why do they feed sharks chum? That’s a waste of good chum!”

  3. So a little bit about my day, I got home about 30 minutes ago, water coming out my patio to the front driveway, LSS, tube to toilet broke, water pouring out, flooded the kitchen and into the dining room and living room. Neighbor helped me turn it off. Insurance is sending someone over tonight to get the clean-up started. My dogs are freaked out, or at least they were, now they are asleep. Fun times.

      1. I won't need to go anywhere. It's only in my kitchen and a little into the dining room and living room. This happened once before. I've already mopped as much up as I can. They will bring in big industrial dryers and dry it out. The rest of the house is fine.

        Funny thing is, last time this happened it was in the exact same spot, but with my previous toilet and the overflow happened for a different reason. The water into the toilet bowl for some reason wouldn't shut off so the bowl overflowed and I couldn't figure out how to stop it, until my neighbor finally came over and turned it off at the street. That was years ago. I got a new toilet, but because of that incident I know the drill. In fact I ran down the street to the same neighbor for help.

        Sometimes I wish I lived out in the middle of nowhere but at times like this I am glad I live in a little neighborhood.

  4. Update on my field report, the clean-up company is here now. They identified the source of the problem, there is a connector that connects the pipe behind the toilet to the hose that goes into the toilet. The connector is plastic and it split open. They said this happens a lot and that people should never use these plastic connectors. The damage, while not good of course, is not all that bad, they said it is only soaked into the very bottom of the walls, the drywall will probably not have to be cut out, that they will probably have to just drill some holes along the bottom to let it dry out. They've had a big machine here sucking water out of my carpets and now they're going to hook up some big humidifiers, then tomorrow someone will bring in big fans. Overall it's not so bad, although tell that to my animals, who are not OK with this AT ALL>

    1. So I was talking to the clean-up crew and they had to drive up here from Los Angeles, they are based in the San Fernando Valley and they have been getting called to houses with smoke damage all day, due to the "Tick" fire in Santa Clarita, which is blowing smoke into the San Fernando Valley, so they have been in Sylmar where homes are getting smoke damage. They said they had to tape up one home, that it needs to be cleaned before anyone can enter it.

      So I guess things could be worse.

          1. Somebody is going to spend a couple mil of Venture Capital monies on a worthless reinvention of a HEPA facemask next year, going broke a year after the rollout.

      1. The Tick fire has closed off State Route 14, the main route from Los Angeles to Mammoth, LA's playground. Should be a relatively quiet day on 395, my Main Street.

          1. I remember White's Cafe in Mojave. He also owned one in Tehachapi that was really good. I used to work on a traveling crew and spent a lot of time in that area. White's was sold to a man named Jimmy who moved his Chinese restaurant from Ridgecrest to Mojave.

          2. Woah.

            I have some charcoal drawings of Manzanar, very long story, but drawn by one of my grandmother's students, who kept in touch with her while she was interned.

          3. Cool! Traditional Japanese art is pretty darned sweet.

            This is kind of a nice time story, at least the guy died free instead of behind the barbed wire. I visit Manzanar semi regularly, and it always shakes me the same way the traveling Vietnam Wall does.

        1. Aw, cuddling for comfort.

          Mine would be All In on a household flood, surfing it like it was the Endless Summer and totally the wettest things in the house. There's no snooze alarm for that.

          1. Funny thing is that when I got home there was about an inch of water on the floor and both the dogs were zipping around the kitchen barking, "she's home! she's home!' as usual, splashing around. They're not water dogs like yours, they were just weirdly acting oblivious to the water. I'm glad there was nothing in the water to electrocute them.

          2. They probably both had been asleep on the couch all day and didn't notice the water until I came home. With the blind one, she probably just thought, hmmmm, floor seems wet. With the chihuahua, I just have to wonder how deeply dumb he actually is to have seen that water and just splashed on through.

          1. I was the butt of a joke.

            eta: Did not know………

            Butt 2. a.

            A mark for archery practice; properly a mound or other erection on which the target is set up. Hence in mod. use a mound or embankment in front of which the targets are placed for artillery, musketry, or rifle practice.

            OED via English Language & Usage Stack Exchange.com

          2. "Officer, I heard screaming from that pub down the street!"

            "Oh, that. That's just the goats. It's a goat bar."

          3. My former favorite watering hole was named "Goat's Bar" in Mammoth. Long gone now, but it was named after the owner whose nickname was Goat, or alternatively, El Chivo.

    1. Oooo, that'll leave a mark, if only for the raucous, overwhelming cheering from the crowd.

      I saw that Fat Bastard wrote earlier that he won't be throwing out the first pitch because the SS will make him wear so much body armor that he'll "look too heavy". Of course, wearing a regular suit makes him look too heavy also, but only because he's such a Fat Bastard.

      1. I saw somewhere in response to that a picture of Obama throwing out a first pitch and looking so thin and lanky obviously not wearing any body armor at all.

        1. He's got loads of money
          His teeth are kinda funny
          His eyes are kinda wild and free
          Oh, but grift grows where Guliani goes
          And nobody works for free

          He talks kinda lazy
          And people say he's crazy
          And his life's a mystery
          Oh, but grift grows where Guliani goes
          And nobody works for free

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