“The observed methane concentrations cannot solely be explained by biogenic sources.”

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          1. "Totes Magotes
            "The Trumps departed before the top of the 8th inning."

            Oooh, a presidential flounce!

    1. Does that say May 26, 2004, or .04 inches on May 26? The first one can't be true. The second one is pretty normal around hiere.

        1. You Easterners with your rivers with actual water in them and an actual need for raincoats for other than mere fashion.

          We get rain in November a little, then in late December through February it can sometimes pour a deluge. And I do mean deluge. Then we might get a few showers scattered light showers over the next few months but usually, after February it's dry until the following November.

          Basically we get most of our rain, what there is of it, in one huge dump over the winter.

          1. I know, sometimes I have to put on rubber boots to go outside through the actual pools of water all over the lawn. Luxury!

            Oddly enough, we just got through what they've termed a "Flash Drought" here, started in June and just ended with several tropical storms and rain soaked frontal passages. So dry this summer that the soil hardened up, all the vegetation got crispy and the harvesters in the soybean and corn fields last month were kicking up huge zero-visibility clouds of dust. Just had a howling tropical system passed through on Saturday with winds, an inch-and-a-half of rain, lightning and tornado watches, so it's all good.

            Basically we get most of our rain, what there is of it, in one huge dump over the winter.

            You folks should think about installing big cisterns for rainwater. Catch it from the roof like they do in Bermuda.

          2. A lot of people here do indeed have cisterns, and right along the 134 freeway in Burbank, there has been a huge project to create a cistern which will then be covered over so that it is underground.

            Have you ever read Cadillac Desert? You might find it interesting, it is about what Biff mentions below. It's what Chinatown is about, although you probably already know that. Another really good book on the subject, although more obliquely, is Wallace Stegner's Where the Bluebird Sings at the Lemonade Springs.

            One of the things I loved about living in Washington DC was all the water, btw. I loved to walk around in the rain, I used to love to ride my bike along the canal path and just look at all that water…

          3. I borrowed Cadillac Desert a while ago and it's one that I should really go and buy (along with that Stegner book, which I have not read). I expected greed and mismanagement, but the blatant in-your-face-what-are-you-going-to-do-about-it is still shocking.

            People I know who visit here from Out West always remark on how amazingly green it is here. I get too used to all the water and riot of vegetation, I think.

          1. True, although not a true desert except, well, in the desert. But the areas where Mulholland brought the water to was/is a chaparral biome, not a desert, more like southern Europe around the Mediterranean. Also, the San Fernando Valley was a swamp and grassland before development and also, all across the LA basin and especially into Orange County there were artesian wells, as evidenced by many of the still existing city names in the OC: Artesia, Santa Fe Springs, Fountain Valley, etc.

            But Mulholland still did steal the water. Totally. He did it when the amount of water naturally available was not enough to sustain any larger population than was was presently there, and the population was growing. Doesn't make it right, of course.

  1. Stab Booling
    ‏ @SteveMBowling
    4h4 hours ago

    Found #Nutting was trending today, then found out it had to do with sports.

    I have really complicated feelings about this whole chain of events, about myself, and about society as a whole.

    The internet was a mistake and we’re all terrible

  2. The Volatile Mermaid
    ‏ @OhNoSheTwitnt

    Very surprised that all the tough guys who attacked a little girl for speaking out about climate change are crying about the president being booed at a baseball game.

    1. I drove that stretch of 405 a lot when I was working down there, and later when I kept a boat in King Harbor. A lot of the neighborhoods on the west side of the freeway were built on landfills. If underground garbage catches on fire, it's like an underground coal seam. Almost impossible to extinguish!

        1. I imagine the view is nice from up there, if you like views of the 'burbs.
          Up until my last few months down there, I lived at the coast. Venice first, then Playa del Rey, up to Malibu, then inland to Glendale. That's when I knew for sure I was outta there, and I was, three months later.

  3. I used to get it at 3:00PM Pacific time on Saturday and again at 9:00AM Sunday. XM has been changing things around, mostly not for the better in my opinion. I can't hear my laptop, need to find some old school plug-in speakers. All anyone wants to sell anymore is Bluetooth.

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