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          1. It would be terrible if that tweet got… oh… say… (checks current status) 74.3K likes and 43.5K retweets.

    1. | Got Live if you want it, | via the Guardian..

      Trump, of course, could not keep his fat fingers quiet and just shit himself so dramatically in public that he's probably earned himself another Article of Impeachment for witness intimidation. "Let's elect a businessman", they said. "He's not a politician", they said.

      Bring on the Pizzazteroid.


      Roger Stone found guilty on all counts

      Former Trump associate Roger Stone has been found guilty on all counts, including lying to the same House committee currently holding impeachment hearings.

      Stone becomes the latest member of the president’s circle to be convicted — joining the likes of Paul Manafort, Michael Cohen and Michael Flynn.

      One *hell* of a lot of witches out there these days, eh?

  1. Josh Gerstein
    UPDATE: After jury announced Roger Stone's conviction on all 7 felony counts, Stone was slow to rise from his seat as jury filed out. His longtime ally
    turned his back on the jury as they departed. Security escorted Caputo out. More:

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