43 thoughts on “A tune with a little story

      1. Do you think he gets any fiber in him at all, or does he have to deal with a swift succession of long gelatinous blond eels, interspersed with spastic bursts of methane and mucous-y brown liquid?

      1. The narrowest ridge I ever hiked across with a backpack was maybe 6 feet wide. Seemed like much less
        with the drop-off……………………

        1. I've done knife edges on sand dunes and cornices on snow, but nothing as insane as that in the video. As a kid I used to scramble around the abandoned railroad right-of-way on the cliffs above the ocean that had likely lethal consequences for stupidity. Happy to be here.

          1. No cliffs.

            Crawled on my belly for ten feet to peek over the edge of the North Rim of the Big Ditch. No rails on that side. At the time anyway. I think where we were it was 6000' straight down.
            [ Just now still got kinda jittery. ]

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