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  1. Submitted for your consideration because a). like any good American you're horribly embarrassed when Our Unfortunately Buffoonish President* travels abroad and speaks and b). You, like me, can't get enough of a brilliant wordsmith running a savage but accurate public burn of a column in one of the last true Papers of Record, for all the world to see:

    | Smug in the west: but even the Tories steer clear of Trump at Nato |

    "Appearance-wise, the US president’s lips are a sort of pouting anus – a mouth sphincter which today emitted a roll-call of guys and stuff he didn’t know."


  2. Joe Biden: 'Of course' I would consider Kamala Harris as VP pick "
    I think you're full of shit, Joe, but……….Hypthetically, here's the plan:

    Biden wins the POTUS . We get Sen. and Keep House.
    Immediately begin impeachment hearings because Joe needs to be put in a home somewhere.
    Take him out. Kamala becomes POTUS.

          1. I remember seeing stuff in the Weekly Reader, but we didn't even have a TV until a few weeks before the 1960 election. I only used my transistor radio for biesebol and rock and roll.

  3. Fudge! Last night lost my last aunt – well last of all those at that level. She was 95 so she had a good ride. This weekend is going to be tough. On Saturday we going north to Bellingham for my niece's memorial service. Back home for a sleep, and then on Sunday down to give hugs to the cuzs in/near Portland, OR.

    1. Amanda🌊@Autism_mombie
      Replying to@associatesmind
      I’m just upset that “fellating” was misspelled. As a former paralegal, I cannot stress the importance of urban dictionary.

      I'm glad somebody said it.

      1. "Fuck you crooks. Eat a bowl of dicks" is definitely something I'd say and it's something I'd laugh at if my lawyer said, but I don't see it as being too helpful in the whole Council v. Council negotiations scheme of things.

        But hey, I'm no lawyer.

    1. This is bad,lazy, half-assed historical revisionism and monumentally stupid. It should go well with all of the stupid, half-assed historical revisionist monuments left down South.

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