60 thoughts on “Cheerfuly Chundering Christmas Characters Clothing

  1. Too bad. We will miss you Kamala!

    Kamala Harris
    ‏Verified account @KamalaHarris

    Kamala Harris Retweeted Donald J. Trump

    Don’t worry, Mr. President. I’ll see you at your trial.

    1. I wonder how much of it I'll miss due to time zones.
      Edit: 0600 PST, so I won't miss much more than the opening statements.

      1. I didn't/don't either, and I don't have a twitter, but someone on the fp posted this.
        She's fighting some kind of cancer, unknown to me.

    1. I am at work and therefore miss all the live impeachment hearing coverage and I feel like I am on the outside of a whole lot of inside jokes that I will never catch up with.

      1. Also, she [ Karlan ] apparently mocked T. for naming his kid 'Barron'.

        "The President can name his son Barron but not make him a baron."

        Wingers are saying she insulted the kid .

  2. So is Turley trying, in a, roundabout, verbose way, to say that unless Putin directly hands Trump a stack of Benjamin's it's not bribery? And now he's saying that Trump essentially saying to Congress "get fucked" EVERY SINGLE TIME they request documents and witnesses is really not proof of Obstruction? Seriously?

  3. Elsewhere blog commenter says Collins [ GOP goon ] said I guess in reply to all the history Prof Karlan is feeding them ,

    " We don't know what the founding fathers would think."

  4. Apparently there was an earthquake in Orange County today. It was a 3.2. If that size happened on the east coast it would be front-page news for DAYS. Trauma counseling centers would open.

    Yes, I mock.

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