48 thoughts on “The Splat of America

          1. I think he should get whatever time he has coming to him, plus whatever time Mrs. Douchenozzle gets, since he's so concerned about his kids having their mother at home.
            Funny they never think about consequences until it happens to them.

      1. There was a time I was considering getting a Shep or Heeler, but didn't want a pet that was smarter than I was.
        Now I'm thinking that what I need is a pet smarter than I am.

          1. There was one of those smarty-pants physicsshow things about the vacuum, or not-a-vacuum…..
            some problems with it.
            Can't remember beyond that.
            Vacuum in the head.

  1. Asked if the U.S. supports Iranian protesters, Pres. Trump says, "I don't want to comment on that, but the answer's no. But I don't want to comment on that."

    1. AaaaaaaaahhhhhSHIT!

      eta: Also, some say she didn't run a very good campaign…………..[ Like frontrunner Biden WTF ? ]

      1. I never understood that anti-Harris "cop" narrative. I've had a long adversarial relationship with cops,and I never considered prosecutors to be cops.

        1. They say it because it is an easy way to dismiss her and resonates with people who are susceptible to that messaging.

      2. No one is saying that about other candidates who indeed are running bad campaigns. She had to work five times as hard to get any positive press when she's far more qualified than some of the candidates who are getting way more attention.

        1. Damn right.

          |Anand Giridharadas@AnandWrites
          At @KamalaHarris's lowest moments in the polls, she has outpolled @MikeBloomberg. That she is now out and he's just getting started tells you so much about how money, power, race, and gender work in America.

          I would have paid good money to get to see her rip into Fat Bastard on the debate stage, but sadly that's not to be.
          OTOH, now she's free to savage the R's witnesses on the Judiciary Committee.

          Oh, and Tulsi Fucking Gabbard is still in, much to the delight of the Drumpf campaign and Putin.

          1. Yep. I don't see anyone in this existing field of candidates that can simultaneously take him down on the debate stage, garner the genuine support of women and POC AND be a true leader once in office. We need a triple threat. I just don't see that person. She was that person. The rest of the field falls short in one of these areas if not two.

          2. At this point I'm hoping that the combination of off the charts corruption and incompetence plus Trump Fatigue will pull us over the line.
            I could see Harris as an impressive attack VP, in the mold of Spiro but not with all the payola.

          3. Now she's announcing that starting tomorrow she is traveling around the country to thank her staff in person. We do not deserve her.

  2. Reginald Hudlin
    A lot of people won’t realize the depth of this tragedy for a while – or ever. But this was what we needed. The best person for the job to vanquish Trump and get our country on track. Too much focus on disinformation and polls instead of what’s right for America.

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