101 thoughts on “Here’s looking at you kid, you piece of shit.

    1. And suddenly there was a terrible sound around us, and the sky was full of what looked like alien squids going, “Yip yip yip! Uh-huh. Uh-huh,”

      We call that "Thursday" around here.

    1. (From Wikipedia)

      In October 2012, as Gabriel played the first few bars of the song during a performance at the Hollywood Bowl, Cusack walked onto the stage, handed him a boombox and took a bow, before quickly walking off again. Cameron Crowe was also present at the concert and later tweeted "Peter Gabriel and John Cusack on stage together at the Hollywood Bowl tonight. Won't forget that… ever."[13]”

          1. Hah, yes!
            But all I remember of Empire is Liv Tyler.
            Come to think if it, all I remember of LOTR and Armaggedon is Liv Tyler also.

  1. I just took a screenshot of the post and title.
    Just hilarious to open up to.
    Might rotate it with Samuel L Jackson

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