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          1. OK That was ultra-Sarah.

            [ still…….the other, but with that pic was perfect in it's own way. ]

          2. This is like the Kurt Eichenwald incident, except instead of tentacle porn it's KMFDM

        1. Sorry. Didn't mean to sound ominous.

          By the way, responded to this yesterday and got sent multiple times to comment quarantine.

  1. mit·​i·​gate | \ ˈmi-tə-ˌgāt
    mitigated; mitigating
    Definition of mitigate

    transitive verb
    1 : to cause to become less harsh or hostile

  2. @Surgeon_General
    Americans: if you are sick with fever/cough/ flu symptoms, please don’t go to work!

    Employers: PLEASE understand giving your employees flexibility and (paid) sick leave will save you money in the long run- it’s much cheaper than shutting down because everyone else gets sick!


        1. All the best on those plans. But heck it's a few months away, and the crowds likely will be low.

          / also and too, my bride and I really liked Croatia

    1. Turing test……That's how we tested those people on the boat
      That World Health thing had a turing test but we made a better one.
      Many tests now . I don't need one. I need tax cuts.

      1. I forced a Neural Net to watch 75 Pick-up Artist YouTube videos, read thousands of pages of Florida Time-Share and used car sales pitches and several hundred essays by 7th Graders who absolutely did not read the assignment and one hundred transcripts of interviews with patients institutionalized with massive delusions of grandeur complexes and…

  3. BREAKING!!!

    The hawt model wife of that one skeevy Trump – fired dude who was in the news for a week is divorcing him.

      1. The model who is a Russia agent.
        Did that narrow it down?

        Hey, what do you figure is the nutritional value of crane-flies? There's a billion of them here this year
        and I was thinking of netting them and freezing them for use in case of the breakdown of the food infrastructure.

        1. Boil them in denatured alcohol, filter, and use for the alcohol extract as the base of a special shellac you'll make millions selling.
          "Yer fingers will fly down the fretboard"

        2. Melania!

          You can eat crane flies like you can eat grass shrimp, but you will need a billion of then to make a decent stir fry. All those legs will have to come off, though.

          1. Simone.
            I'm thinking I just turn all lights on, and open all the doors . I'm here at this house for two weeks
            so will have time to collect.
            Damn . gotta get three posts up. I forgot.

  4. Rep. Mark Meadows (R-N.C.), who President Trump last week selected as his newest acting chief of staff, will self-quarantine at his home after learning that he may have come into contact with a person who later tested positive for the novel coronavirus, his office said.

    eta: Seems Meadows was tested and is negative.

  5. | Charles P. Pierce
    There aren’t enough tote bags in the world.
    Quote Tweet
    Miles Parks
    · 40m
    FYI Marianne Williamson is on NPR live coverage right now <a href="
    https://npr.org/2020/03/10/814” target=”_blank”>https://npr.org/2020/03/10/814 |

    I just had to listen to this as it was on in the background and I was too computer-office-busy to get up, run into the living room and change it or turn it the fuck off.

    It was horrible.

    1. Hey, if you think you can do this safely I'd say 'go for it'. Culture shouldn't have to stop for the Plague.

      I get the distinct feeling that I'm going to be the Hermit of Mink Hollow pretty soon here tho:

      *all our state colleges and universities have cancelled classes and send everyone home
      *concerts are postponed, sporting events also
      *state agencies have suspended all out of state travel for all employees
      *Governor Hogan's strongly encouraging companies and agencies' employees to work from home if they can
      * my shop is conducting a test shutdown to test out total staff telework at HQ
      *we have 9 confirmed cases now. That's it. Hatches are being battened.

  6. 'Wuhan virus' in Chinese is 武漢病毒 if you want to annoy people using the term 'Wuhan virus'.
    Also, the Spanish Flu began in Kansas.

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