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  1. | Rand Paul becomes first US senator to test positive for coronavirus |

    Hold on now, just because Senator Paul is a vile Objectivist crank and fake doctor who's Hoovered up enough Wingnut Welfare money over the years that he probably could open up his own N95 mask factory and who just recently voted against the Coronavirus relief bill there's no need for nastiness. If you can't say something nice, don't say anything.



    It's nice that the Coronavirus found a cozy place to hang out.

    1. Ummmmmmmm, So where would this be on the 'nice' scale?

      "I hope he has a long, painful illness and suffers horribly, then has
      a debilitating condition for the rest of his life."

    1. "Boober Eats."

      “All the calls, people are just giddy and fun,” Boulden said. “Sometimes it’s a surprise for someone, sometimes it’s a birthday, sometimes it’s people that are really stoned.”


      1. The numbers are climbing here. I have to get through Tuesday at work and then after that I can pretty much work from home if I want. I think I will take that option.

  2. My teenage self is so validated. When I was that age I was OBSESSED with the 1918 Spanish Flu, there wasn't a whole lot of material on it back then but I read everything I could get my hands on. I would ask my older relatives about it, as if they would have known anything, the oldest of them being toddlers in 1918, they tried to be helpful and would change the subject, really none of them had even known about it. I would try to talk to my peers about it because, ya know, it was SO fascinating a subject, but they just thought I was weird. WHO'S WEIRD NOW, HUH?!?!?

    I was also obsessed with making circle skirts out of bed sheets because if you use a sheet you can cut it from one piece of fabric, just sayin'.

      1. When I got into my teens I became intensely interested in things that had happened in my grandparents' day that seemed unspeakably horrible. The Spanish Flu but also World War I, which my granddad has served in in France and was strafed and gassed. I think what fascinated me was that these were terrible things that people I actually knew had lived through at my age and yet no one talked about them. Not like in they repressed them, but more that they just, meh, never brought them up. Now that I am older of course it makes perfect sense that they would not talk about them, why would they? They'd processed these things long ago and had gone on to live long, full lives.

        Ironically, WWII never grabbed my brain in the same way, even though the total impact was far more horrible. I think that was because my dad actually talked about his service. Also, he was just a clerk on a supply ship for two years and then the navy sent him to Caltech and he lived at home and then the war was over, so his "war stories" were pretty tame stories about learning to type and about the ship's doggie mascot. When I finally started reading memoirs of people who saw action in WWII, like William Manchester's memoir, I saw it very differently and I was glad I was still able to talk to my dad about that while he was still alive.

        ETA: My dad was 18 when he joined the navy and my granddad was I think 18 when he joined the army in 1917. It still just gobsmacks me that they were so young to go through these terrible things.

        1. In October 1918, my grandmother was 14. My grandfather, her eventual husband, was 20 and fighting in France (it wasn't creepy back then. They grew up on neighboring farms in rural MN.) About mid-October, a forest fire started burning. The land there is mostly thin pine trees, like white pine, red pine, spruce, etc. The entire area went up like a box of matches. Her dad had told her not to bake bread that day because he had heard that the forests were tinder-dry. When the fires started coming close, she took her younger siblings towards the nearest body of water (on foot). They got picked up by a neighbor in a Model-A (or T, we never figured that out) and driven (!) to the nearest lake. The forest fire came so close, and the smoke was so heavy, everyone on the shore had to get into the lake. In October. In Minnesota. My grandmother's younger sister had some sort of developmental disability. She was about four years old at the time. My grandmother waded into the lake with her, carrying her, while the trees burned. Her little sister was crying and my grandmother tried to calm her. She suggested they sing something. Her little sister, one of my great aunts, wanted to sing a popular song of the day titled, "Keep the Homefires Burning" (probably this recording: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qCyESeXq3Q4 ) The fires of 1918 took almost 500 lives.

          Somehow, those two survived. Leading to me.

          This has nothing to do with what you were talking about but happened at the same time.


          1. OMG.

            And yes, I think for that generation, especially for young people, the world seemed like it was on fire, literally, with no future ahead.

        2. My maternal grandfather was an Army medic/dentist during WWI in France, but that was all we could pry out of him.
          My father was in the Regular Army, then the Army Air Corps and eventually the Navy during WWII. He never spoke of his time in the Philippines, and not much about the Aleutians. By the Korean War, he had transferred to the Military Sea Transport Service, which I guess was a cake walk by comparison. He developed a terminal case of alcoholism, but it took him until he was my age now to complete the job. Fuck war.

    1. I think the progession has started in this county.

      2 cases is great
      4 cases, no problemo
      8 cases, meh
      16 cases pfffttt

      [ making circle skirts out of bed sheets……… takes notes Ya never know…. ]

    2. Also, I didn't become fascinated with infectious disease until I
      came to believe that the billions of humans were trying to kill
      everything else on the planet.

      1. In defense of humans, yeah, maybe we are trying to kill everything else on the planet, but we've invented Pringles.

          1. Everyone should go see the Steep Canyon Rangers without Steve Martin in order to see just how much they slow it down to accommodate him. They know he made them though, so it's cool.

          2. I love the guy! I appreciate him being an ambassador for old-time and Americana music. But really, go see the Steep Canyon Rangers.

          3. I, for one, was merely using Steve Martin as a vehicle for a "frailing" joke. Because, of course, if we can't do bad puns, then the Terrorists/Viruses win.

    1. I know a couple of people who use Fish Mox amoxycillin instead of getting a legit Rx, so yeah, I can see this stupidity taking off.

  3. only added one line during restring

    A little bit of logan's run, with a pinch of 451
    A recipe for disaster you can make right at home

    1. (3) “Essential business” means any business or non-profit entity falling within
      one or more of the following categories:

      s. Laboratories and defense and national security-related operations supporting the United States government or a contractor to the United States government;

          1. Since I have a PhD in Social Distancing, it's sad that only now people are asking me how one does
            1. It's never too late to piss people off and alienate them.

          2. And now Professor Biff will illustrate how pointing out ones bacterial infections
            can help protect you against Covid 19

  4. And they also said it's impossible for a man to live and breathe under water, forever,
    Was their main complaint
    And they also threw this in my face, they said:
    Anyway, you know good and well
    it would be beyond the will of God

    -Jimi Hendrix

      1. He's been deleting his controversial ones lately. I'll paraphrase:

        [news article about Disney reopening the amusement parks next week]

        It's a small world, and Disney would like it to be smaller

        (but the LIGO one is still active)

  5. 2 cases is great
    4 cases, no problemo
    8 cases, meh
    16 cases pfffttt

    24 as of [yesterday morning ]

    42 today

    1. Update 49 [ 3/25] today , so [ lemme see, uhhhhhh, carry the 2 ..divide by…] that's pert near double as fer as I kin figger.

    1. All the LULZ!! ALL THE LULZ!!!!!

      TheDarkPatriot Merrifield • an hour ago

      If he is even allowed to vote, $100 says it would be blue. People who vote red don't have time for nonsense.

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