56 thoughts on “Your Own Personal Jesus

  1. Staymas Insidely
    Mar 26, 2018
    P.S. You have to marvel at the poetic economy of a phrase like THE DRY WEIGHT OF JESUS.

    He really could have messed with us if He had decided to be a fat guy.
    Jesus loves me this I know:
    for his Dry Weight tells me so

    1. Sound like me responding to some of the drivel that shows up on my desk in bin and wanting publication. Often with less credible citation than just Jebus sez.

          1. It just sounds like it might be, don't really think it is. Could just as well be
            Frank or Pink Floyd.

    1. Awesome.

      [ I may have mentioned that the first time I saw him I thought he'd be a joke. He shut me up right quick ]

        1. [ I know it's the 'Ville when I have to google stuff, but now that I have, there's a Pascal – pisce joke in there somewhere ]

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