106 thoughts on “Karma

        1. Yeah. Before you re-appeared I was wondering what gigs were still going on. I kinda thought it would be shut back then.

          1. I've been out of work for a month and don't anticipate anything for the next 2-3 months

      1. We'll need to get Kissinger out there too, but no way we're gonna get him on a commercial flight.

        'Course, there's always one of those no-name bag-over-the-head Extraordinary Rendition Learjet flights. No Customs, no waiting!

          1. Yeah, the X Files was never that graphic. They softened focus or used shadows and darkness to obscure what they thought we couldn't handle.

    1. Our only festival won't happen this September. I still have to support the Arts Council and the venue, though. I hope a lot more patrons step up in some way or another.

        1. HAHA no he's not. Both Houses of Congress already agreed on a date to adjourn the 116th session- 01/03/2021

          Same thing they do every single year at the beginning of the session- no disagreement, no wiggle room for Donnie to fuck shit up

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