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          1. Hey Biff, re: Doctors.

            So I called my doc to see what's up, and she has gone to ZOOM mostly too. Still will have to go in
            to get blood drawn next month, though.

          2. I need to contact the lab to see if they're allowing routine blood draws yet. They weren't for awhile due to lack of PPE. I hope that's been remedied.

          3. She just does it. Said I should stick my arm in through the mail slot and she'll
            douse it with bleach and get a blood sample.

          4. Did you get a cam, or just use the computer HAL eye?
            I don't have an eye, can probably borrow a cam for the doc.

          5. I only have what the laptop came with. I don't expect to ever use it again after this plague is over.

    1. I think I'll celebrate with a gummy. I've never given a damn about this day before because I didn't use. Since my heart attack though, I've suffered from a bit of anxiety. THC seems to help me sleep through the night.

      1. Field report:
        I really don't like how this shit makes me feel. Never did. Taking it at bedtime is one thing, but I'll never take it "recreationally" again. I'm stupid enough without it.

          1. I'll never forget the time we were whipping up a batch of special cookies and a friend of mine who used to be the pastry chef at a local resort volunteered to bake them. She normally never partook of the devil's weed in any form, but she had that chef's bad habit of constantly tasting what they are making. By the time the last batch was finished, we ended up pouring her into a bean bag chair where she spent the rest of the night unable to function…

          2. I didn't like weed when I was young in the 60s, and haven't liked it since then, either. Since my cardiologist won't prescribe anti-anxiety meds, I had to try something. It may not treat the problem, but if it knocks me the fuck out until morning and I don't wake up in a panic, that's a good thing.

  1. |Pennsyltucky | is trending on Twitter. As it should.

    Douglas J. Troxell
    I like that many of the protesters in Harrisburg today couldn't manage to spell PENNSYLVANIA correctly. I know it's a tricky one, but if I couldn't spell the name of the state I lived in, I'd probably trust the smart people trying to keep me alive.

      1. Some years ago—never mind how long precisely—having little or no money in my purse, and nothing particular to interest me on shore, I thought I would sail about a little and see the watery part of the world.

          1. If I don't write stuff down, I get them mixed up. I liked it a lot better when I could use the same password for everything, because who needs security anyway?

        1. N.M. is ramping up the testing. Now has twice the cases of Pima Cty. , but maybe 4x's the number of tests.
          I say 'maybe' because they are re-working the data dashboard , and parts of it are still fucked.

    1. Yep. I am reminded of all the times they called my work furloughs, which cost me 10% of my pay, a "haircut" but a 2% loss of market value was a "plunge". Fuck 'em all.

    1. "We're planting 10 beautiful specimen trees. They're specimens. All specimens. People may think that's an exaggeration or that's a Trump term. Actually, they're sold as specimens. They cost more money but they are better. I buy a lot of 'em."

  2. This is kinda spooky. Was looking for the thumb drive. So I joke to myself, 'OK Google, where did I put that thumb drive'? [ I don't even have a smart phone ] So I turn around and decide to look in the gig bag I've looked in twice before………..and there it was.

    Also, gonna put up a new thread.

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