59 thoughts on “Was you ever bit by a dead bee?

      1. Jebus.
        You never know how many cops it would take to repress a citizen, but you always know how many they will use. AOT,K.

          1. I gotta say that Brian Sandoval wasn't bad in Nevada when I was there. I didn't vote for him, but he wasn't crazy.

    1. What, a global pandemic and economic meltdown isn't good enough? The show runners are drunk at this point- the entire season is bonkers.

    1. Seem like every "discussion" I've been part of has some maga fool touting Sweden's response as the way we should have gone, and they have all dismissed the rising death toll, choosing to disbelieve the data from Sweden as much as they dismiss the data from the CDC.

    1. That's one of those epic threads where I just laughed til I cried, then shrieked in horror, then laughed til I cried again. I wouldn't say anything, because, really, what could I add?

        1. At least it's one you chose. Mine was just the hideous creature that followed me around across too many platforms at the time.

    1. I actually saw this one get promoted from the fb BoND, one of the admins tagged it to Jenn. It was like learning a magician's tricks.

        1. He's started doing a "Thread Killer of the Work Week" awards, which applies at least some pressure for people not to be morons.

          1. cf
            ….Heat production by balling….

            So if we produce enough CO2……..oh, wait……

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