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      1. I like the Republc's arguement about publishing restaurant health violations, except now I worry
        that the gov. will like the idea and restrict access to those too.

      1. Good one from one of the replies to Jamelle tweet

        Replying to
        it takes some real political talent to lose two statewide races in a row as a republican in arizona

          1. Hmmm, maybe HE'S the source of those tau neutrinos the smart guys below
            were wondering about. Where time goes backwards.

      1. Something weird is going on with those tau neutrinos. Like BLOTUS, they're overweight and shouldn't be able to fully pass through this rock. So if the Antarctic is farting them skyward, where did the come from? What are those dang penguins up to?

  1. Glendale Police
    · 1h
    Please stay out of the #Westgate area. Preliminary info from our dispatch is there were at least two persons struck by gunfire and one person is in custody. PIO is enroute to the scene. Media staging for now will be West of the Arena.

    1. Can't let a pandemic get in the way of your grift, and the dotard just declared churches to be essential businesses, so there.

      1. Chris Geidner
        It's always amazing to me how Trump can create a final hypo for multiple law school courses in a single one-minute statement.

          1. Fauci's remarks echoed Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin's earlier this week.

            He's been promoted to economic advisor.

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