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    1. It's 108 now, I'm ready if some of the dead weeds in the yard spontaneously combust.

      Remember, I used to be part of a crew that set these kinds of areas on fire. I'm pro 'Let it Burn'.
      They did burn -out along the house development edge at the bottom of the mtns.

        1. Yeah, y'all are still getting the rain throughout the state.
          We have some build-up but probably just more lightning.

      1. Apaarently in Court or in brief, his attorney argued

        Replying to
        Whatever happens here, the fact that you made them say ““They’re doing more than allowing … the cow and the mom to post a tweet” makes you the winner.

        —Elie Honig

    1. Ya know, I saw the hed before FNYT blocked me, and all I can say is
      GOTTA BE.

          1. As does Speedway, for a few blocks anyway.
            Used to be a good dive biker bar on Speedway. Owner died though, don't know what became of it.

          2. I've only been through Tucson a few times, it's a wonder I remember anything. I did know the daughter of the owner of some biker bar on Speedway, though, and that's as likely the one as not.

      1. Good stuff, i hadn't heard them before (pre-internet and all that) thanks. I appreciate bands who eschewed the stylings of the 80s commercial scene and did straight-ahead rock/pop

  1. Looks like they stopped the fire approaching the town of Catalina, it's now spreading East into higher elevations.

    1. That's good.
      It's coming up on the anniversary of the Granite Mountain Hotshots tragedy, so get ready for morosity.

          1. Well, setting them, not fighting them [ except when there's a mistake ]
            I must have mentioned this a few times here. The first crew in AZ. to do it. We had to burn on our own property, without fuck-up, for a couple years before the Feds took us seriously and would work with us on bigger areas that were a patchwork of ownership.

          2. If so, I missed it.

            I used to be a contracted heavy equipment operator at the county landfills. Fighting fires wasn't exactly in the job description, but nobody else was there handle it. The land was under various different governmental agency ownership, from the Feds, USFS and BLM, to City of Los Angeles. I was usually first on scene. Fighting a fire with an antique bulldozer that is susceptible to stalling with a hand-cranked pony motor to restart it was kinda hairy at times. The biggest danger was when it was also burning underground and the ground collapsed under the weight of my machine and I'd end up 6 or 8 feet below the surface on a bed of embers. Don't let the dozer stall there, ever!

          3. Heh, and HOLY SHIT!

            eta: I have seen some people who were absolute artists with a dozer or backhoe.
            Not so much in the middle of a fire , but still…..

          4. I was pretty accomplished with a dozer. I could make a road and leave no berms or tracks behind. One of the things that scared onlookers but not me as the operator was cutting steps on slopes above roads to prevent rockslides. The only thing holding me to the side of the mountain was one corner bit and half of one track. Yeah, sometimes you lose your grip and slide. You have to quickly get it pointed straight downhill and steer with the blade. Then you shake out your pants and go back up to do it again. I actually miss that, but not having to get up early in the morning. Retirement is better.

    2. I drove out to Oracle yesterday- the fire is definitely not moving west anymore. There's still plenty burning on the eastern side of Pusch Ridge. The big worry now is that it's moving up towards Summerhaven.

      1. Back to fire……….Since my nephew was here earlier this year, I have been sending him, per his request, 'stories of tnc'. The one I'm saving for last, people have enjoyed , mostly because it is hilariously embarrassing to me. It's the story of a 10 days when we got to go to Wyoming and set some fires near the Bighorn Mts. Will send it to you [ and anyone else here ] if you want.
        I thought about serializing it here, but the format doesn't really allow for long stories.

          1. Can do. It had been about ten years since I looked at them. The others have needed little adjustments for clarity and punctuation, so will get to that.

      1. That was so good, I got the joke without really remembering who Icke is.

        [ still looked up to make sure , though ]

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