34 thoughts on “When You Don’t Have a Pedal

    1. Awww, shucks.

      I sent a story to Biff from the TNC days that was vaguely relevant to the fire topic. I have been proofing them for clarity and grammar b.c. my nephew requested more stories than ' rattlesnake savior', that I told in person when he visited. I think the only other one I shared was in the old cloud dropbox thing that we abandoned, the one about meeting Rehnquist. Will send it to you and ZD and anyone else that wants.

      Maybe better wait until a Biff review.

  1. SCOTUSblog
    #SCOTUS rules against Trump administration in challenge to decision to end #DACA program, which allowed noncitizens brought to this country illegally as children to apply for protection from deportation, holding decision was arbitrary and capricious

    Various analyses say that Robert's decision means that 'they implemented it wrong'.

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