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    1. The harpist added something I wasn't expecting. It took a couple of lines for me to get into what the female vocalist was doing. Overall a great treatment.

  1. Shortly, I will journey into the maelstrom and go have a beer beers and
    possibly ribs with retired librarians.

    1. I wish I could wring some volume out of it tonight. The music is OK, but the banter between songs, I can't hear even at full volume on the TV. weeks past I could at least read the closed captions on my computer (but not on the TV.) Not this week.

    1. Ah, where I qualified with the M16. Olde Fort Holabird in Baltimore and Dundalk did not have a rifle range but it was where the jeep was developed.

      1. Small world, eh!? I'll bet that the NSA side looks pretty different these days. Have a few contacts in the Biz and we used to do retriever drills on the Patuxent Research Refuge side of Rt 32, in the ponds way in the back. Had to check in with security, but they were cool with it as long as we didn't bring any long guns. Pretty sure the range is still there, there's a local rifle and pistol club that uses it, at least part time.
        If you get 'round these parts again (post pandemic, when things are opened up again), the | National Cryptologic Museum | is a great find and worth a trip on its own.

        1. This is the kind of content that keeps me coming back

          James #SOCIALIST@Wesomek
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          @muntazer_zaidi and @hejiira

          Did you get your shoes back?

          منتظر الزيدي@muntazer_zaidi
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          @Wesomek and @hejiira


  2. Sunday morning drive thru covid testing, 4 hour wait on Friday, looks like I might make it through in less than 2 (asymptomatic, concerned about increased exposure recently)

    The test facility is at balloon fiesta park, so lots of balloons and src aircraft to watch

    1. Thursday for me, appointment only. I wanted to get a (hopefully negative) baseline, though showing none of the classic symptoms.

      It's at the regional HS, so lots of macadam, institutional brick and surly frightened retirees to watch.

        1. That grandma cracks me up. Want to use it now all the time now.
          Can't find a source. Might be a horror movie .

  3. K-POP Lyrics Song

    Bahasa Indonesia
    Tiếng Việt

    Blind Willie McTell – Mama, Let Me Scoop For You

    They did not, in fact, have the lyrics to this tune. No site does as far as I can find. Up to me.

      1. It was uncomfortable, but not intolerable. Twirling the qtip in each nostril for 4 – 5 seconds. eyes welled up w/ tears. Results expected in 24 – 48 hrs

        1. A friend in Chicago got tested today, said he won't get results for 6-8 days due to labs prioritizing trump's pet red states.

          1. that's the way the for-profit urgent cares are here — 4 to 10 days for results. But the big hospitals are each doing different scales of mass rapid testing. Apparently the site i went to this morning stopped taking patients about the time i got to the front of the line.

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