Flash Gordon (1936) Space Soldiers – Serial Marathon Chapters 1 – 13

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  1. So this dude at work this morning went complete batshit, sent an email to all 14,000 members of the workforce in which he acknowledged the policy prohibiting using company time/computing resources for political activism, but he needed to "push back against the narrative of systemic racism and white privilege". He attached the following hour-long video manifesto


      1. judging from his demeanor, one would assume so.

        thing is, he had to have someone on the inside to approve an email to All-Staff. i can't even send an email to the whole Division (600 people) without approval from a director or assignee

          1. Ahhh, yes. It's been a long time.

            eta:Hmmm maybe not it.

            eta eta It was the ad-blocks, which I've had on for years

      1. I didn't have internet until a few years later than that, probably 96. Sometimes I think my 28K modem was faster than what I have now. At least more dependable.

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