123 thoughts on “Every Time We Make the National News it’s for Something Bad

  1. My cousin in Denver has finally had to be moved to a memory care home. It's not a good situation any way you slice it. He's actually very happy there, so at least there's that.

    So his son called me to let me know, and I had agreed to take my cousin's dog when this day would come. None of us expected it to be this soon, we expected a few years down the road. But so what to do? How do you get a bischon from Denver to California in a pandemic without leaving it in the hands of strangers for one of those doggie delivery services?

    So he suggested I meet him in Tucson for a hand-over.

    I have thought about this and thought and thought. Nope nope nope nope. Not driving to Arizona in September where one can broil burgers by simply leaving them in the sun, just to pick up a dog.

    Instead I'll probably fly to Denver all masked up and meet him at the airport, have him hand me the dog, and then return on a flight without ever leaving the airport.

    But the Tucscon proposed plan: a definite FUCK NO.

      1. True. But once I latched onto the flying idea, that's what I like the best. Fastest, least expensive and least exposure, since airplanes are comparatively safe enclosed spaces as long as you wear a mask.

  2. There is a woman in our town who has decided to sue the City because she feels discriminated against for our little town's requirement that she wear a mask in places of business. She claims she has a medical condition that precludes her from wearing a mask. She says the rule means she can't go grocery shopping. She's dead serious.

    I checked out her facebook, it is a rabbit hole of all the right-wing conspiracy theories. There's a 15-minute video from some woman here in Calif who talks about how don't let The Man tell you you can't wear a mask in a grocery store. Also, her website is full of pictures of her family all riding horses. Also she's a member of our town's recreation commission. I highly doubt she really has a medical problem that means she can't wear masks. Also, why can't she use a delivery service? Why can't her husband do the shopping? Why is the only solution that she should be allowed to walk into shops without a mask? I do hope she sues. I want to see her go down. What a raging, selfish sense of entitlement.

    1. By no means an expert, but I have seen and appreciated many a sight gag; from silent movies , skits from vaudeville to SNL, cartoons in various mediums, televsion etc, and I know that if someone appeared in one scene with a diaper on their butt, and the next one with a diaper on their face, it would seem to me that the implication is clear.

      Self-own rating : 8/10

  3. [ Specific context irrelevant ……………..]

    Christopher Bouzy
    Nikki [ Haley ] with all due respect you can fuck off, then keep fucking off. Fuck off until you come to a gate with a sign saying "You can't fuck off past here." Climb over the gate, dream the impossible dream, and keep fucking off forever.

    1. This house has a chain and a basin. However, the basin is a concrete dish 4' across 1.5' high, 2" thick, and filled with softball-sized rocks. It was on its way to being a planter as nothing had been done to it in some time Enough dirt and algae had collected to thwart any draining function it once had.. When it did rain here, it soon became nice mosquito breeding habitat. Sumped the water out a couple times.
      So I removed the rocks and scooped-out a lot of the debris. We figure it weighs at least 400lbs. Might be able to get a truck near enough to put a strap on and drag it out of the depression it formed and clean out the drain hole. Maybe lever one end at a time to get some pipe underneath and roller it .

      1. It's down to 105 now and WU says, "Feels like 103." My doorknob to my back door was hot to the touch on the outside earlier this morning, but I went out a little while ago and it was hot to the touch on the inside, too. Bizarre. The interior walls on the southwest side of my house are hot to the touch so I think it is sleep-in-the-living-room night.

        I drove up into town a little while ago, it was so hot I had to just drive somewhere so I could be in the car with the AC, I've had conjunctivitis so I have been sitting in the hosue in the dark with sunglasses on for the past three days and I just couldn't stand it anymore. So I took the chihuahua and went into town and bought some ice cream. Then we went to the drive-through at Taco Bell because they have these neon blue drinks called a Baja Blast. They probably will make me glow in the dark but they are so thirst-quenching that I got two and put them in the fridge.

        On the up side, since I can't really look at computer screens very veyr long or TV screens or book pages, I sewed a chihuahua shirt.

          1. Yes. I'd need more than one chihuahua to make a shirt.

            When I get back into the office I'll post a pic. I am logging in remotely to post this, that's complicated enough, let alone figure out to post a pic. It is in a red and white print that looks kind of bandana-ish, so very "in."

      1. I was wondering how you're doing up there. I take it the smoke is blowing your way but you do not have to evac? It sounds awful, I hope you are OK?

          1. A lifetime ago, I lived for maybe three months across Victory Blvd. from Weirdland Hills in Canoga Park. That was the first place I ever lived that got to over 100. I was in Malibu just prior, and it got close but not quite. Now 100 doesn't bother me a bit, but over 110? Nah, don't like it.

    1. Gee, it's 140 degrees outside. Let's have a party up in the mountains, in the dry tinder areas, and invite pregnant people and small children. Then let's bring, oh, I don't know, how about some pyrotechnics?

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