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    1. I was texting with a friend on Sanibel Island last night. She said there's never been more water than this, and they built this house over 25 years ago. Their downstairs is flooded, never happened before. And that was far from a direct hit from Sally.

          1. I'm not being fair, they left it because the pipe coming out of the wall was not actually connected
            to a gas line. Needed to connect it first.

    1. That's what it's been like here for a while, not orange, but just peach-colored and very foggy. Totally different than when there's a fire close by, in which case the air is lurid orange fog and you can't breathe and you can hear helicopters. This is just a weird, Martian sky and the air seems breatheable.

      I assume it's what broke the heat wave. I read somewhere that it is now starting to spread east. Perhaps if it makes its way over New York and Washington then it might actually become of concern to our nation's leaders.

      1. This morning is the worst time I've had breathing since it started, but it's not the worst air quality. I think I'm just tired of it.
        My once and former ex-fiance from Ventura is stopping by for lunch today. We haven't seen each other since the mid-80s. More dread.

          1. I'm looking forward to seeing her, really. We were supposed to meet up at Skull and Roses last year, or a similar fest near here the year before, but life gets in the way of stuff.
            She's still married to the guy she met after we split, so she's capable of monogamy, I guess.

  1. Genius!!!

    Kyle Griffin
    Asked on CNN how he decided that Trump was 'the wrong man for the job,' Bob Woodward says it was "a conclusion based on overwhelming evidence."

      1. Sometimes the light's all shinin' on me
        Other times, I can barely see
        I've been promoting the Qanon conspiracy
        What a long strange trip it's been

  2. Kevin M. Kruse
    · 2h
    Whoever in the White House agreed to have Trump do this town hall session live on ABC should probably start packing up their office.

    A.J. Delgado
    It was Jason Miller. He is the Trump Campaign’s Chief Strategist and formers Comms Dir. He is also friendly w Stephanapoulous and likely greased the wheels for this townhall.

    Acyn Torabi
    Fox News [Ingraham] is calling the ABC Town Hall an “ambush”

      1. This will be two. My spaniel passed a while back. The chihuahua doesn't handle being by himself very well, he needs a boss dog, and my elderly cousin in Denver just went into memory care, so someone needs to take his old bischon. So his son is driving out to deliver him next week. This is the one who first suggested we meet in Tuscon for a dog hand-off. Instead he's coming out here. The son gets a road trip and I get a used dog. Win-win.

        He's a sweet, low-key old doggo, not an adventure dog. He loves to be dressed up in shirts and sweaters. He'll get along just great here.

          1. Yes. The son said that the bischon isn't handling being by himself well, and when the son brings him to his house, he has two dogs, but they are large, rambunctious dogs, so the bischon is uncomfortable in that situation, too. (The bischon is 13.) So my situation, with aloof but present cats and a tiny buddy dog, will suit him, it's good.

  3. Kyle Griffin
    Inbox: HHS Assistant Secretary for Public Affairs Michael Caputo has decided to take a leave of absence "to focus on his health and the well-being of his family." Caputo will be on leave for the next 60 days.

  4. Chip Crowell
    You know your "hot take" on the Big Ten has gone wrong when the result of it is Jerry Sandusky trending on Twitter.

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