48 thoughts on “Ballots? We Don’t Need No Stinking Ballots!

    1. My barista got taken down last night by a cop who flattened her with his bicycle. She was silly enough to be on a street where the Seattle popo had pushed last night's BLM protest. Also and too she's half black. ffs!

        1. We have two small battery powered ones. One a pole saw and the other a bit bigger regular one. We like the a lot, but they are just for yard maintenance, not to fill a fireplace. Our old chimney got cracked in an earthquake so we converted to gas with a metal hood and pipe running up the inside.

          1. I don't burn wood anymore, either. I need to trim one of my sycamores, and my gas saw is not cooperating, probably because I left gas in it for too long. I have a corded electric one, but I don't want to drag that up in the hoist. My next door neighbor has a Homelite pole saw that she will loan me any time.

  1. In which Jonathan Chait awakens from a 20 year coma (during which he continued to publish columns written by his autonomous nervous system), holding a cigarette lighter and sees the world in ashes.

        1. Ah. I thought there was new Chait lameness. And, no, I didn't read much of it. Saw 'Chait' and the topic, and went on with my life.
          Today his tweet was about Biden 'lids' which google tells me is 'no public appearances' in a certain time frame.

  2. LOL

    Amy Coney Barrett was linked to a religious group that inspired Margaret Atwood’s dystopian novel The Handmaid’s Tale………..However, according to past interviews with Canadian author Margaret Atwood, it was a group known as the People of Hope — and not the People of Praise — that was a partial inspiration for the novel, Vox reports.

    So now wingers [i.e. National Review ] are all "Ha ha stupid libs."


    Atwood, speaking with The Humanities Institute at UC Santa Cruz earlier this week, denied that the People of Praise inspired her book.

    “It wasn’t them. It was a different one but the same idea,” she said.

  3. Epic.

    Pompeo:" Normal states do not violently suppress legitimate protests, jail their own citizens or those of other countries on specious charges, engage in torture, and impose severe restrictions on fundamental freedoms."

    Replying to

    Do you listen to yourself when you talk or is your asshole perfectly soundproofed?

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