The Power of Positive Thinking meets the power of positive testing

92 thoughts on “The Power of Positive Thinking meets the power of positive testing

  1. No One Could Have Predicted that handwaving away a deadly virus with gauzy semi-religious positivism, real estate marketing bullshit, ignoring science, shunning expertise and firing and/or muting anyone who exhibits any, yelling away bad news and surrounding yourself with hapless ignorant sycophants would lead to this.

  2. Sorry, I'm still gonna need a hell of a lot more proof than "Trump said he and Melania tested positive."
    He hasn't tweeted a true thing in four years.

    Or even ' Trump's doctor said that trump has covid."

  3. A dilemma: Kayley says he's fine. Kudlow says he's fine. Dr. Feelgood says he's fine.
    They are also all liars.
    Maybe he does have it.

  4. WASHINGTON (AP) — White House doctor: Trump received experimental antibody cocktail,

    Apparently it's given to patients whose own immune system is not responding well.

    Steven McDonald
    · 39m
    Replying to @smcdonaldMD and @maggieNYT
    Regeneron’s polyclonal antibody as of September is in phase 3 trials….you couldn’t pay me to take it for a fever. Things must be worse than we know.

  5. Now I can continue with my usual agenda of …….uhhhhh……..there must be something………
    maybe watching the chili fruit ripen.

  6. Kellyanne Conway
    · 2m
    Tonight I tested positive for COVID-19. My symptoms are mild (light cough) and I’m feeling fine. I have begun a quarantine process in consultation with physicians.

    1. too ghoul for school
      DR. CONLEY: When I announced that the president was recovering, I meant that he has actually been missing for the past six hours

  7. Chris Vermilion@ChrisVermilion

    Susan Collins Waiting to See Whether a Majority of Republican Senators Test Positive Before Announcing Own Result

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