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  1. Charles P. Pierce
    OK, Arizona just certified its results so I have no reason to listen to this hallucinogenic crapola any more. "Mayor Giuliani has significantly more witnesses and evidence…"
    No, fck this.

  2. Ryan Adams
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    Andrea ["BUT HER EMAILS!!!] @Mitchellreports just now on @MSNBC: "We now know that President-Elect Biden hurt his foot on Saturday and yet we knew nothing about it until a few hours later when he saw a doctor to get x-rays. Makes us wonder about the Biden team's transparency…"


  3. This morning at the Supreme Court, @neal_katyal
    defended two U.S. corporations accused of aiding and abetting child slavery overseas. The question is whether alleged victims can sue these corporations for overseas crimes in U.S. courts.
    Kagan asks Katyal:
    Q: Could you sue a slave holder under ATS?
    A: yes
    Q: Could you sue 10 slave holders?
    A: Yes
    Q: So why does it matter if those ten form a corp.
    A: Umm… norms don't allow corporate liability…
    Q: What sense does that make?
    Even Barrett asks
    Q: So could you sue on torture?
    A: Yes
    Q: But not if it was a corporation?
    A: Yes

  4. BREAKING from CNN:
    “The Justice Department is investigating a potential crime related to funneling money to the White House in exchange for a presidential pardon, according to a court record unsealed on Tuesday by the chief judge of the DC District Court.”


  5. I went to see the cardiologist yesterday. I got cleared for all the procedures I had to put on hold all year. First stop was the dentist to schedule a cleaning. Next, the dermatologist to schedule Mohs surgeries on some squamous cell carcinomas we've been watching grow. I'm still gonna put off my knee replacement until there's a vaccine available, but there's a light up ahead.
    Fuck 2020, but if I had to take a gap year, this was a good one to skip.

  6. .@dougducey just got served with a lawsuit for certifying the fraudulent election by @SidneyPowell1
    and other members of the @AZGOP

    The thread attached to this is wacko junction.

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