145 thoughts on “Let’s play ball!

          1. She's mean……….this is how her tweets are going—————
            Sinema, Kelly Introduce Bill Protecting the Grand Canyon, Strengthening Arizona’s Economy————

            Replying to
            @SenatorSinema and @SenMarkKelly
            Arizona's economy depends on not losing the house and senate in 2022. End the filibuster! WTF are you thinking? Your cute shirt will not save democracy.


            Meghan McCain likes it…………………………………..

    1. I worked in solid waste for more than ten years. You wouldn't believe all the good shit I found, but never an animatronic Chuck E. Cheese.

        1. You know our show is so far from over
          And Freddy told us you're an organ donor

          It's quite a catchy song!

          and now that song, and all the game's backstory and mythology, permeates the entire house day and night.

  1. One of my favorite things is going back to a phrase or lick I thought I had transcribed correctly,
    then, upon review, wondering whatthefuck I was on that day..

    1. sometimes i'll get inspired with a new melody while i'm at work where i have no instruments (other than virtualpiano.net) so i'll write out simplified notation (without proper rhythm or note values) and then get home and try to make sense of it. that has worked once or twice

        1. PDX’er
          Replying to
          “Hi, I’m a modern conservative and I am easily triggered when I have to think about whether my toy potato has a peeeenis or a vagiiiiina”

          [ edited for censors ]

  2. Kyrsten Sinema
    Our bipartisan bill protects space education and research funding to ensure Arizona continues to be a leader in the space industry.———————

    STOP fvcking ignoring us.

    $15 minimum.
    End filibuster.
    Recurring survival checks.
    Robust covid relief.
    Stop pretending bipartisanship is a necessity.
    Sandralyn Pierce
    Pass the fricking stimulus bill.
    Hot Feminist Takes
    Cool cool, now #AbolishTheFilibuster

          1. Well, we had to bomb them to get back at them for bombing us in retaliation for us bombing them for conspiring to bomb us because we bombed them that one time for them bombing us because we dropped a whole shitload of bombs on them after they shot rockets at us for bombing them because we were retaliating for

  3. *chortle*

    |Business Insider@BusinessInsider

    Ted Cruz's colleagues mocked him by putting memes of his Cancun trip in the Senate gym locker room: 'Bienvenido de Nuevo, Ted!' |

    He's definitely getting a Swirly soon.


    “Bienvenido de Nuevo, Ted!” the color printouts for the prank read, or “welcome back.”

    Early birds turning up for a workout Wednesday morning came across color printouts of Cruz in his airport getup, which included a light polo shirt and a mask bearing the Texas flag, according to NBC, who reviewed the materials provided by two sources.
    “The rendering featured a manipulated photo of Cruz from his well-documented trip to Mexico, dragging his luggage across an arctic landscape while holding a tropical cocktail garnished with a slice of fruit in his other hand,” Lee and Caldwell wrote.

        1. Pisses me off, they filmed it a couple of years before I moved in.
          The house got sold to Neil Young sometime after I moved out. Looking at it on google street view, my house doesn't even exist anymore.

      1. Hyatt Hitler!

        (though TBF I doubt the hotel peeps had a clue about this until half way through the convention when it blew up on Twitter. Kind of a no-win situation for them- CPAC would probably sue their asses off if the Hyatt tried to shut them down at this point)

          1. Lol, WTF do you say at this point?

            "Yeah, we got a bunch of Nazis doing their convention down in Ballroom A. Sorry 'bout that, we didn't know…"

          2. In 2021 "we didn't know Republicans were nazis" is the least plausible denial there is, having surpassed "we assumed capitalism would manage a pandemic"

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