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  1. The ambitions of our reigning tech lords tend to be ridiculous and tacky—imagine, if you dare, a reality roughly as cheesy and brutal as ours, laid haphazardly over the top of this one, with the same people in charge—but there is also something ominous about the specific ways and places in which their powerful imaginations fail. The hyped-up rhetoric about Saving The World with the wonder-working power of cryptocurrency or other web3 gimcrackery is in some ways just familiar Silicon Valley noise, the lorem ipsum text swapped in for “to profit” under the Why heading on everything these people do.

    This right here. It's what you get when you give anarcho-libertarian techbros with the imagination of a gnat and the impulse control of a toddler a billion large of disposable income. Nothing to save the world or gods forbid make society a bit better, just a Carny level bait-and-switch scheme dangling a Kewl New World with fancy technology, then handing the customer a recycled Second Life 3D immersion experience, in-app purchases of nothing tangible with imaginary coins and coupled to a jumped up surveillance state. All for profit for them, certainly not you.

    I'd laugh at the balls out stupidity of this thing if it weren't so sad and destructive.

        1. Aye, it was kinda scary for a minute there. I loaded the bed of the truck with guitars, and the cab with gunz and left enough room for my go bag. By bedtime last night, I felt pretty secure, and by this afternoon I decided to unload the truck. I'm on the west side of town, and the evac order was for the east side. Of course I'm only 1 1/2 blocks from the arbitrary dividing line.

        1. I built a two story outhouse on some remote property I sold last year. Upstairs was fresh water storage though, not the executive latrine. The crapper was built over a buried oil drum. I designed it to remove the seating area and burn the contents if it got objectionable. Turns out that poop dries out really quickly in the desert, so I never had to burn it.

          1. I also had a travel trailer and an 8'X8' log shack out there. Plenty of warming opportunities. Once upon a time, I used to spend a lot of time out there. Then I moved farther away. I made some money on the sale, which is not always the way my deals work out.

          2. Groundwater is easily reachable in NV, but it's at about 400 ft in NM. The folks that live there have cisterns and get water trucked in. Too much work. I'd take $250 for it, but the buyer pays all fees. Or I could just donate it to charity or let Luna County have it. I don't much care.

          3. The next republican preznit would want to build a wall on it. Maybe the state park would want to use it as a parking lot.

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