98 thoughts on “Poopocalypse Now

  1. …the combined weight of the assembled nobles caused the wooden second story floor of the building to collapse and most of them fell through into the latrine cesspit below the ground floor, where about 60 of them drowned in liquid excrement.

    Catastrophe or Karma? You be the judge.

    This event is called Erfurter Latrinensturz (lit. 'Erfurt latrine fall') in several German sources.

    "Erfurter Latrinensturz" desperately needs to be a German Goth Metal concept album.

    1. Station TCBM2 – 8573364 – Tolchester Beach, MD
      Conditions at TCBM2 as of
      (7:18 pm EDT)
      2318 GMT on 04/13/2022:
      Wind Direction (WDIR): SSE ( 150 deg true )
      Wind Speed (WSPD): 7.0 kts
      Wind Gust (GST): 11.1 kts
      Atmospheric Pressure (PRES): 29.81 in
      Air Temperature (ATMP): 77.0 °F
      Water Temperature (WTMP): 56.1 °F
      Wind Speed at 10 meters (WSPD10M): 7.8 kts
      Wind Speed at 20 meters (WSPD20M): 7.8 kts

      Ever Forward: |Still Stuck |

        1. You know, hot sauce & peppers and I go way back and I've never eaten anything that would cause a bout of spontaneous violent pooing. Probably because I prefer culinary-hot to gastrointestinal catastrophe-hot.

          Of course, any hot sauce fancier can't escape the inevitable | Ring of Fire |

        1. I see them, and now I want them.
          That was the first time I've ever been told I couldn't see a picture there. I could read the replies, though. Didn't want to, since I didn't know what they were talking about.

          1. I idolized Jim Hall, had a Chaparral slot car with an actual working rear wing.
            I worked for a guy who lost his license, too many speeding tickets. i had to drive him around. He had a Mercedes 300 SEL cabriolet, the last handmade convertible top they made. He also had a DeTomaso Pantera. I only got to drive that one a few times, but holy shit it was fun.

    1. Related PSA

      Ashley Winter MD || Urologist
      -your friendly local board certified Urologist

    1. ♪ ♫ ♪ ♪ ♫ ♪

      there's a p*nis in the url
      That's how I could tell
      The link wan't valid
      So I wrote a ballad,
      About a p*nis in the url.

      I went to the urologist,
      to see if he could fix it
      He seemed a little pissed
      But told me where to stick it.

      [ uhhhhhh, that's all I got for now ]

      1. I had forgotten how prudish intense debate is.

        That's a beautiful start, there. You know, if I was Bob Dylan, I'd demand a writers credit. But thank dog I'm not dylan, so you can have all the royalties.

          1. 22.
            Well, the body , neck, head, all fine. It was not advertised as 'excellent' or 'mint', just as 'good'. The issue with the bridge is probably a long term problem. Strings cut some notches that are kinda disturbing. Patch made, will string tomorrow and see what's what.

          2. Seems good. Sounds great, plays great. Will hunt for replacement bridge, saddle and someone to do it. Probably need a fret job down the line. String dents on the first few.

          3. [ might as well talk about this as we watch the USIAN Republic slip into the ooze ]
            So Godin/Seagull replied. That fucker is from 1994 . Aged well. No old original parts laying in a drawer somewhere, but they have new versions that are strangely not mentioned on their regular parts page. Maybe cost $30 altogether. Bridge ,saddle, nut.

          4. Nothing wrong with a little guitar talk while attempting to hold back the tide – and entropy itself – with our bare hands.

          5. OK, here's one while Italy's Po river dries-up 'cause Alp Glaciers going away.

            This guitar also has an L R Baggs under-saddle piezo pick-up and equalizer .[ Never heard of them, but there's lotsa things I don't know, so not surprising. ] No big deal b.c. not really needing to amplify to an audience of 0. Anyway, it sounds okay I guess . Don't bump the guitar though.

    1. Been a seesaw here. We were in the 90s, then down to freezing, now back to the 90s. Last week all my fruit trees froze. Tomatoes, too. This is the latest freeze I remember seeing here. It's usually over by mid-March. Surprise!

      1. Down to freezing? How did you do that?

        Dew point up some . Enough to take the pleasantness out of dry heat .

        1. Obama's time machine got outta wack and we ended up in the Ice Age. Mid-90s again today, then a high in the 50s tomorrow, back to the 90s, etc. Nothing to see here.

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