59 thoughts on “Shaka, when His Pants Fell

  1. D: "Then it happened at the Martha’s Vineyard Hebrew Center, where I was a frequent speaker. Suddenly I’m no longer allowed to speak there. "

    C: "First they come for the library speeches, and then eventually it’s the Hebrew Center."

    Dude, if Isaac Chotiner offers to interview you, You Run.

    Especially you, Dersh.

    1. D: "Now, if you ask a hundred people to name the five most well-known Jewish Democrats on Martha’s Vineyard . . ."

      C: "You want me to do that now, or are you saying hypothetically?"


  2. Alison Herman
    jews don't have a pope to excommunicate us but having this exchange with larry david comes pretty close.

    1. We need to bring back the | Ostracon: |

      "In Classical Athens, when the decision at hand was to banish or exile a certain member of society, citizen peers would cast their vote by writing the name of the person on the shard of pottery; the vote was counted and, if unfavorable, the person was exiled for a period of ten years from the city, thus giving rise to the term ostracism. In some cases, the shards would be used at latrines, to wipe off feces from the anus, to impose a curse on, or disrespect an exiled individual."

      Cruel, but fair.

        1. A fragment of Thucydides' manuscript mentions an Athenian strengthening "Anus of Stone" technique but, sadly, the method is lost in the mists of time, like Greek Fire.

          1. I used to excavate sites underneath outhouses. Lots of liquor and medicine bottles, and shards of broken China. Also, good soil.

  3. Gonna have to catch the hearing on replay tonight as I am committed to actually doing stuff during primetime.

    1. Gif you can fill the unforgiving minute
      With sixty seconds' worth of distance run,
      Yours is the Earth and everything that's in it,
      ⁠And—which is more—you'll be a Man, my son!

    2. Just starting replay now, but that clip of Hawley is everywhere.
      Weatherunderground is my home page and they were playing it.

    1. Jessica Ritchey
      Thinking of the person who described Bannon as looking "like the coroner of Margaritaville" today.

  4. Also, this struck me last night, the asshole Pottinger at 4:15:00 Responding to general question from Kinz . about foreign relations. Weird because obviously the crisis of our system is not over, like he suggests, like: OK it's all good now ….it's not. Our friends and enemies still think a shitstorm is possible IMHO. [ gotta sign-in because swears were used at various times at the hearing.]


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