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      1. The women had to play this entire tournament on artificial turf fields (which the men have never, ever been asked to do), which has left most of them very bloody and bruised.

        1. Not a fan of artificial turf. Just wish the 50 million little kiddies who play soccer in our park wouldn’t trash our real stuff, but this area isn’t kind to grass, unless you’re the As or the Giants.In the majors, especially, no excuse for the rug.

        2. Yeah, why turf? Even NFL fuckwads don't play on that shit. (There is no 'turf toe' anymore, right?)
          Sadly, I do remember some crying in soccer practice (actually it was awful, a line drive kick that [broke!] a girl's early-80's nonbreakeable glasses..) Her name was Jen. I'm sure she's doing well now.

          1. And there are pedants aplenty pointing out that the woman is a rugby player. Can't tell from the clip if that's true, but it's all football, which is why an Englishman came up with the word soccer to make it easier to tell which game you're talking about. Though, yeah, there's less faking in rugby.


        1. I see that, being too old to be a hipster, I have lost my sense of where the "irony" line lies. I am genuinely sorry.

        2. Given the "debate" I and others have been having on our local soccerball forum over the past couple of weeks – that sketch remains true (and 'humour' because it's true) even now.

          Sadly, there are always going to be a healthy chunk of male soccer fans who just will not countenance the women's game.. .especially in Europe, where they try and compare it to the speed and athleticism (and testosterone!) of the far better-funded and entrenched men's version.
          I personally like watching the women's games because there's way, way less falling over and rolling around on the floor like you've been shot – and also no trying to get the other players booked or sent off.

          Sadly, I'm still in a minority about the women's game.

          Maybe it's different in the US (and Canada) because the women's game has a strong grassroots level of support, and the two disciplines have grown up together in North America (plus a sense of soccer in general being lambasted, men's and women's, by the Big Four, maybe, leading to a bond between the two disciplines?)

          So, yeah, props to Felonious for posting that clip. It's sad but true. The more we can point out (and more importantly make fun of the fact) that there are some football fans who are "you couldn't pay me to watch woman trying to play football… unless they took their kit off hurr hurr hurr!" the more we can all (or most of us) get beyond that.

          England finishing with the Bronze medal (and beating Germany for the first time ever) will hopefully lead to better support and more funding, and higher visibility (although the BBC have done a really good job of showing England matches – for free, obvs.).. .you can see the gulf in quality and skill between the well-funded countries and those where most football fans are chauvinistic knuckle-dragging dickheads.
          For instance, the ladies – and girls – teams for my local football club are in a constant battle for funding and support, and it's really just down to one or two really committed volunteers who are willing to put in the time and effort and push for extra support from the Board.
          We've recently added a couple of extra girl's teams (U10's or so IIRC) – but even when the ladies and girls do well, there's always a few miserable nobheads on the forum who dismiss it out of sheer habit.
          The sheer lopsidedness of the Men's first team over everything else is terrifying (although I accept that virtually all the funding for the rest of the club's teams is driven by the success and league position of the men's first team)

          Okay, sorry, this is a topic that's dear to my heart….rant off, back to the snark…and me calling it 'football' like wot it should be! :)

          Peace out.

  2. OH YEAH!

    Congrats, Team USA!

    And n later this week, I'm off to buy a consolation drink for my Japanese friend…

      1. Saddam's Sluts would be no match for Bamz Bitches, by the half they would be greeting us as liberators

        (also too, both of those would be awesome Roller Derby names)

          1. Only if you were constantly spinning in circles. A girl can only keep that up for 3, 4 hours straight, tops.

          2. Damnit, why are the up and down votes so close together? Sorry about that.

            My mom was the exact opposite — she thought haircuts/styling/dye was an oppressive tool of the Patriarchy (or maybe she was just cheap and lazy), so the first thing I did on my 18th birthday was get my very first haircut. An undercut, much like Abby's, as fate would have it. I looked bitchin'.

          3. Damnit, why are the up and down votes so close together? Sorry about that.

            I think I've done that, also too

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