2 thoughts on “You Can’t Fly United

  1. I've always referred to them as 'Untimed Airlines'. I flew them weekly from SFO to LAX and back for two years and not once were they on time.

  2. And here's another reason:

    Dear Mr. Lot_49,

    I would like to take this time to provide some insight as to why sometimes seats are changed without notice or confirmation.

    Through the course of a year we have several schedule changes; Federal Regulations allow all carriers to alter their schedule based on operational needs. United's responsibility is to protect the ticketed customer in the event of a schedule change in their ticketed cabin. Our obligation is to ensure you are protected on the best option available
    and unfortunately seat assignments are not part of the purchased contract; based on this, regrettably pre-assigned seat assignments are never guaranteed until check-in.

    Our goal is to ensure our customer have a seamless travel experience and I sincerely regret we let you down. I do hope you do not experience anymore complication with your reservations and hope your travel with us will be what we both expect from United.


    [Soul-deadened functionary who need not be embarrassed by name]
    Customer "Care"

    Italics added.

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