21 thoughts on “Beaver paratroopers came in peace

  1. OT amusing Benghazi update, showing how little they've actually gotten done today:


    FOX cut away from the hearing more than an hour ago

  2. That mag fit nicely with my seriously bent humor. Wish I kept them all.

    I remember that limited run archival DVD of *every issue* of NatLamp, from the beginning until it folded. I think one of my friends has it.

    Back in the John DiBella days of Philly's WMMR, one of the bits they used to play was "National lampoons True Facts" (with sound effects). Where I heard this – though not for the first time. We do not speak of such things these days.

  3. So much brilliance in that mag…years ago I recall a near-scholarly article asserting that the mass market has a Funk Gradient, indicating its long-term trend downward towards less sophisticated entertainment and behavior. The writer observed that artists who actually move the gradient themselves―Mick Jagger, for instance, as opposed to Pat Boone―profit tremendously and are widely acclaimed. But if you get too far below the FG―i.e. Charles Manson―the results are not so favorable.

    I read that in 1970 or so and its stuck with me ever since.

    Also the assertion that all this nonsense about "organs" inside your body is a myth spread by Big Medicine. Actually human beings are just liked baked potatoes inside.

  4. There was one clip where Gowdy was squabbling with whoever was trying to speak, and Hillary was putting paper clips on notes with a bemused look on her face. Excellent use of split screen.

  5. This was what happened on Fox News, according to CNN (CNN's bad but better than Fox so lol)

    “What you have here is another big test for Hillary Clinton … that she appears to have passed," Ed Henry told Greta Van Susteren. "There was no major new development."

    The GOP has to be really unhappy right now.

  6. I had the Sunday newspaper parody until it fell apart in shreds. Bruce McCall's "SwillMart" flyer with an autographed menu from the Last Supper signed "Jesus H Christ."

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