47 thoughts on “Thursday Football: Get It Together

  1. This week's Pain In The Ass Byes: Bears, Bengals, Broncos, Packers. (Yes, I did have a disproportionate number of players from those teams, how did you guess?)

      1. I had 4 on byes and another 3-4 with serious injuries. Those guys with injuries should send me their pain meds because I've earned it.

        1. IMHO Kaepernick was hung out to dry, after overpaying him and then trying to to turn him into something he isn't. Like Wilson, he's an instinctual player, but trying to force him to sit in the pocket and make three or four decisions before passing… last season he was so lost. Mind you, so was Harbaugh. Total dumpster fire and the flames are still burning…

          1. I'll agree that they're not playing him to his strengths. That being said, even if they did so, that lack of decision-making was probably going to hurt him eventually, though maybe not this bad.

          2. KISS.
            Exactly. What was the benefit of 'protecting' him and in effect turning him into a project for a season or two…and with a new stadium 'bump' for attendances too?
            So you let him one look and run, or make something happen – which is what Wilson has had to do repeatedly…. He gets injured or lifespan is shorter, but so what? Ugh… it just frustrates me.

            If they wanted a pocket passer and game manager, just keep Alex Smith.

      1. She'll have ready-made political ads for most of her campaign at this point. Apparently the Republicans outside seemed really sad, which would be an odd reaction if they actually believed it was non-political!

        1. "Curt said if we talked about that one guy emailing poopy words and talked bad about that Admiral, Hillary would start crying and confess to flying to that place (is it in Asia?) to stab those people, like on Law & Order, but she just laughed. She must be crazy."

          1. I'm choosing to read this as the GOP consulting Curt Schilling because that thought is hilarious to me.

    1. Did someone get to say to Gowdy (gawd, that is one dopey-lookin' muthafucka) "Have you no sense of decency, sir? At long last, have you left no sense of decency?"

  2. Emmitt Smith’s Lock Of The Week! This week, I like the New York Gents (+9) to go into Fucksbro and STUNT the Paytreats!

    This is my favorite part of Magary's articles.

  3. The Seahawks have somehow managed to get multiple personal foul penalties called against them in a game they're up 20-3 in.

  4. Jeez, they showed Marshawn Lynch barfing on the sidelines early in the game, and then he goes out and rushes for over 100 yards. Beastmode!

  5. Might be the longest trip of all to get to a Raiders game soon tho….

    (not been to a Raiders game yet, unfortunately, timings never worked out, but I have seen a Warriors and an A's game…would be nice to complete the trifecta)

  6. That's the nice thing about CA and the Bay Area: when they need a billion dollar bridge or train line, they just do it. Red state Republitards (looking at you, Chris Chrisco) are paralyzed by the idiotic promises they made to their teabagger base.

  7. Vancouver invested heavily in infrastructure for the Winter Olympics (Skytrain transit to/from airport and downtown, plus expansion of YVR airport, Sea To Sky Highway to Whistler, various improvements downtown) which IIRC led on to incentive for extra investment for bridge across Fraser and retrofitting BC Place stadium later (see Women's World Cup Final, etc…).
    Lasting improvements… compared to London Olympics where billions were spent, most of the transport was workarounds (coopting busy London roads) with fuck all to show after they put everything back the way they found it…and one of the few things they built, they've just completed the most outrageous boondoggle deal on the Olympic Stadium, renting it to West Ham in the EPL for next-to-nothing, compared to other stadia (both Chelsea and Spurs looking to temporarily rent Wembley Stadium for over five times the price while they build – and pay for – their new/expanded stadia)
    Anyway, about to go on a rant so will shut up now. :)

  8. Except now we're* mostly blue because we're still stuck with Christie.

    * I can still say we since I haven't switched my voter registration/dmv stuff yet.

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