27 thoughts on “Hope from Louisiana!

  1. The decline of western civilization begins now.

    Also, holy fucking shit- just got back from seeing "Spotlight". Incredible flick. Probably won't watch it with my mom…

  2. Good grief. Vitter was also a fucking Rhodes Scholar, like Jindal? Some brand erosion happening there.

    Also, thanks so much, CNN, for referring to Vitter's "purported history" with hookers. There's your liberal media at work.

      1. I don't know about The Big Game, but I keep thinking I need to keep a Cal football schedule on my fridge so I can avoid Berkleley downtown during home game days.

  3. Had not been paying too much attention to why Bobby Jindal wasn't running, the missus told me he done fucked up LA's budget big time and probably wouldn't have been able to win re-election.

  4. Phillip Bump (?!), Washington Post:

    So what does it take for a Democrat to win in the Deep South? Edwards was a West Point graduate who described himself as "pro-life and pro-gun," which didn't hurt.

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