9 thoughts on “A Freeway through a Peruvian National Park—Who Would It Hurt?

    1. Free trade hurts poor countries because rich countries extract their natural resources or exploit their cheap labor. Free trade harms rich countries by wiping out all but service-industry jobs.

      Tell me again who free trade is good for, besides buyers of cheap Chinese shit at Walmart. And Walmart.

  1. Thanks for the heads-up on this Lot_Cuarenta y Nueve. This coming June, Mrs. weejee & I will be going to Tambopata National Reserve, about 175 miles to the east-southeast as the parrot flies. My jungle booties are long dead, so had to go to REI to get some new booties that vent and drain everywhere. Waterproofing is too silly as with that you feet will fill the insides with sweat. Let things drain & dry. Plus check for the leeches frequently.

    Here's hoping Garcia's former adversary, the current Prez doesn't sign the bill.

    1. Already done Machu Picchu? It is beyond-words wonderful.

      All the boat-loaded tour guides in Costa Rica and Panama favoreed Keens footwear.

      1. No MP, the Sacred Valley, and Lake Titicaca will also be part of the adventure. Going with another couple. While Charlie and I go and play in the Amazon headwaters, our brides will be in Lima taking cooking lessons and shopping for shoez. Speaking of shoez, the pair of Merrell Ventilators that I picked up are similar to the Keen Voyager.

        1. Ollantaytambo (at 2,792 m) above Machu Pichu (2,430 m) in the Valle Sagrado, is in a way more impressive because it's so extensive. It was built with a relatively soft limestone-y sort of rock, whereas Machu Pichu is all granite and polished to perfection in the more sacred structures.


          For that matter there are all sorts of wonderful ruins in an around Cuzco (3,300 m). Lima was kind of meh to us, but el Museo Arqueológico Rafael Larco Herrera has very imaginative displays of ancient Inca (and predecessor civilization) feather and gold treasures.

  2. The unsnarky answer is free trade with lots of assistance/retraining for those displaced, and lots of environmental controls in rich and poor countries. Elect me king and I will implement this.

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