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And now for something completely different–it’s the Democrats’ turn

87 thoughts on “And now for something completely different–it’s the Democrats’ turn

  1. I know some of you don't do the cable thing, so you can watch it on Youtube or on anything with an NBC News app (phone/tablet/Roku/Fire/Apple TV)/

    1. I'm sure NBC management tried hard to find a more qualified journalist, they even considered a few females and persons of color, but ultimately decided the public would prefer another fatuous white male face-licker.

  2. Chuck pauses too long before he speaks. It sounds too obviously like he's relying on the producer prompting in his ear.

    ETA: He also doesn't seem to have any eyelashes.

  3. They haven't even started asking questions yet, but I can already tell that the atmosphere in the room is calmer and more rational than the atmosphere in the GOP debates.

    1. Agreed. I read something recently, I didn't realize that something like 19 states have passed resolutions condemning Citizens United. The gist of the article was that there's enough movement on the state level nationwide to show it's within reach to have a constitutional amendment to overthrow it, if we can just get Congress behind it.

  4. Glad to hear the loud cheers for equal pay. I don't want to think about the reaction that would get in a GOP debate audience…

  5. OH BOY–Hillz called out the systemic racism in the criminal justice system. Can't wait to hear the deleted commenters go off on that

  6. Bernie is right to call out the presence of criminal records for those with marijuana and the absence of them among Wall Street lackeys. Let him finish, dammit…

    1. Lester Holt seems to have a strategy of shutting them all up by talking over them. Stop that, Lester, figure out a different strategy.

  7. Fucking computer froze before I could rant about the media asking about the polls before the economy or foreign policy. Fuck Lester Holt…

  8. Bernie didn't hear the question the first time around? Wonder if M O'M will try to use that in some covert way to point to how old Sanders is in comparison?

  9. Bern and Hilz are talking at cross purposes. Bernie should be saying that his administration would keep the ACA in place until his Medicare for all gets implemented. And Hilz knows that, she's just equivocating, which never looks good on her.

    1. Good for Bernie, he finally said that we won't tear up the ACA. Also that thing that M O'M is now talking about, paying based on quality, is indeed a thing and it's already starting nationwide.

      Hilary really needs to get off that "let's not start over again" thing. It's only a thing she's doing to take shots at Sanders. I don't think it will serve her well.

      1. I'll agree that Hillz should back off here, but I want to see the details on what Bern is calling for. (I heard they were released today, so I'll look into that later.)

        1. I do too. For one thing, he's got to bake in a way for employers to guarantee that they'll pass on to employees the savings from employers not having to pay for health insurance. I want to hear that baked into his plan.

  10. M O'M: we need to heal the infighting.

    Sorry, M O'M, but I'm not ready to make nice with the GOP until their extremists are effectively shut the fuck down.

  11. BTW, about this issue of Hillz' contributors, I say she should take the modern version of Jesse Unruh's classic take:

    If you can't eat their food, drink their booze, screw their lobbyists, take their money and then vote against them you've got no business being up here

    Listen up, Hillz…

  12. Jesus…I'm with Bern on a lot of the substantive issues even though I'm Team Hillary, but this hoarse voice is all a lot of people will remember. Get to a voice doc, stat…

    1. He should wear a buzzer bracelet, so that his minders can reminder-buzz him when he gets too shouty.

      I'm with him too on a lot of his platform, even though I'm team Hilz. My concern is I don't understand how his campaign lets shouty dudebros dominate his camp. Even if they're lefty dudebros they're still dudebros and I see them all over the Internet and here in my town, who shut down/shout down people who disagree with them. I have enough of that to deal with in everyday life, I can't get behind a campaign that's OK with not doing more to tamp that down and be more inclusive.

  13. I was wondering when Hillz was going to get to "I've documented how I'll pay for everything." Not sure why she waited this long…

  14. "We've seen some sharp exchanges"

    Yeah, Chuck, and your moderators leading questions didn't play a role in provoking those at all!!!

  15. Good for M O'M re "Boots on the Ground." Same with journalists and politicians using the term "troops." It conveniently depersonalizes the reality. I wish they'd say "Soldiers." Marshall McLuhan is prolly rolling in his grave.

  16. Lester, as long as you are asking about domestic terrorism, how about those abortion clinic bombers and those assholes in Oregon?

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