2 thoughts on “A bullet in the gun of Henry Ford

  1. It disturbed me to hear Trump, speaking about 9/11, saying it happened "during Bush's reign. NPR interviewed a biographer of his yesterday and he stated that Trump has no interest at all in governing, just in winning. It's another trophy. If Cruz threatens a theocracy Trump may make America into a 'business state': Trump Nation.

  2. I can't see anything but Trumps running on the Republican side. The American right is back in bed with its old allies in Europe- the old haggard remnant of racial theorists, monarchist loonies and Nazi collaborators. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Lothrop_Stoddard

    We shouldn't be all that surprised the Republicans are embracing fascism openly- they did most of the groundwork in building the brand. Hitler just incorporated some of the old ethnic preoccupations of the count Gobineau and the Hapsburgs. Otherwise his entire program could have been lifted from the evangelical arguments for slavery popular in the US in the 1850's.

    Fascism is a direct outgrowth of the American slave economy paired with 19th century race science. Anarcho capitalists will always try to legitimize one or the other in their push for a new feudalism.

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