6 thoughts on “Apple seems to be suffering from the DT’s.

  1. “The Apple news raises the bar for other corporations,” Rashad Robinson, a spokesman for ColorOfChange PAC, said in a statement. The PAC is leading efforts to pressure companies not to participate in this year’s GOP gathering.

    Sort of OT, but Hillary should consider appointing this guy to something in her administration. His group gets things done!

  2. Coca Cola has now withdrawn their involvement, too. Cool, I can keep drinking their products.(And this is all about not wanting their brands tainted by the Shitshow in Cleveland.)

    1. While I admire the notion of boycotting companies with distasteful associations, I have a vague notion that even the most admirable companies wouldn't stand up to strict scrutiny.

      As a group, we Wonkvillians, through our combined purchasing power, probably haven't inadvertently tipped the scales of prosperity in favor of any Bad Corps, unless we are all a LOT richer than one would gather from the Long Conversation that is Wonkville.

      That being said, whew, Coca Cola – that's a relief

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